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What is a Supplement Stack & What Do Ours Look Like?

Dave and Monica’s Supplement Stack It’s a new year (HOORAY, right???) and, if you’re like many people, you’re ready to make some changes. It might even be time to consider a supplement stack. A healthy body is more important than ever as we head...
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9 Shakeology Food Recipes

9 Shakeology Food Recipes It may be called Shakeology, but that doesn’t mean shakes are all you can make with it! In this post, I’m going to share some delicious Shakeology food recipes with you that I know you’re gonna love. If you’re a regular...
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Why Shakeology is One of the Best Nutrition Supplements Available

  Here’s Exactly Why Shakeology is One of the Best Nutrition Supplements Shakeology is one of the best nutrition supplements on the market. Yes, this is bold statement, but I wouldn’t make it if I didn’t know it to be true. If you read...
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3 Amazing Beachbody Before and After Videos

Get Motivated by These Amazing Beachbody Before and After Stories I don’t know about you, but Beachbody before and after stories light a fire in me—both the coach and customer sides of me. Seeing what is possible when interest is combined with...
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