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Get $45 & An Exclusive Invite When You Make the 645 Commitment!

Get $45 & A Special Invite When You Make the 645 Commitment | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM

Make the 645 Commitment, Get $45 AND Work Out with Amoila Cesar!

I’ve got some EXCITING news for you today! Beachbody’s got a NEW program called the 645 Commitment — and if you make the commitment and follow through, they will give you a $45 USD ($55 CAD/ £34.65 GBP/€38.70 Euro) reward!

And, if you get it through me, I have more exciting news — I can get you into Amoila’s exclusive BODgroup!!!

What is the 645 Commitment?

The 645 Commitment is a 13-week program designed and taught by trainer Amoila Cesar. He created the program for professional athletes, so it’s a fabulous program!

The program includes six 45-minute workouts per week and 11 BONUS workouts.

It’s simple, but powerful — just the way I love it.

You’ll get total-body resistance training without all of the complicated moves (yay for those of us who are short on coordination lol!). The program revolves around fundamental moves with an emphasis on doing them correctly.

Of course, Amoila throws in some cardio to give your endurance a boost and get you sweating hard.

He targets the major muscle groups with dumbbell-focused strength training. You’ll never get bored because the moves, intensity, and volume are always changing.

Don’t worry if you’re a beginner or you’ve never mastered the fundamentals — Amoila gives you detailed instructions and cues so you’ll never struggle to follow along and there’s a modifier you can follow until you work up to Amoila’s level.

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Do I Need Special Equipment for the 645 Commitment?

Yes, you do need some basic equipment.

Two Power Loops come with the program. These are new resistance bands that have a woven, grippier texture to tighten, strengthen, and sculpt your muscles bringing definition to your body. The black resistance band is for heavy resistance and the grey one is for light resistance.

You’ll also need light, medium, and heavy dumbbells. You might want to use a mat, but that’s totally up to you.

What Comes With The 645 Commitment?

If you don’t already have a Beachbody on Demand subscription, you’ll want to get either the 645 BOD Shakeology or the 645 Performance Challenge Pack.

These includes the following for $160:

If you already have a Beachbody on Demand subscription, you’ll get the 645 BOD Shakeology or the 645 Performance Completion Pack for $130

The nutrition programs are AWESOME. Portion Fix uses color-coded containers to simplify portion control and the 2B Mindset is more flexible with a heavy emphasis on veggies.

Are you into intermittent fasting? If so, you’ll especially love Amoila. He’ll give you some tips on this as well.

Get Your $45 Reward!

You can get VIP Early Access to the 645 Commitment on July 19, and the program debuts in the BOD member library in the Winter of 2021.

This is the first time ever that Beachbody has offered a $45 USD ($55 CAD/ £34.65 GBP/€38.70 Euro) reward!

This is a total-body commitment — Shakeology and Beachbody Performance Supplements fuel your body, BODgroups keep you accountable, and the program gets you in shape!

Here’s what you need to do to get your $45*:

  1. Purchase your 645 Challenge or Completion Pack before August 31st, 2021.
  2. Use Beachbody Performance Supplements (Energize + Recover) OR Shakeology through a monthly subscription for the entirety of the program. (You can switch between the Shakeology and Supplements as long as you stay on one of them.)
  3. Join and engage with a BODgroup for support and accountability. Here’s the link to mine — Coach Monica’s Fix Family.
  4. Complete the entire program.
  5. Submit all your results to the Beachbody Challenge Contest by December 31, 2021. (This will also get you a free 645 t-shirt or tank top!)

*  Important — Additional terms and conditions apply. All steps must be completed to qualify.

You’re definitely going to notice a BIG difference in your body after just 13 weeks!

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Make the 645 Commitment NOW & Workout with Amoila!!!

I’m serious…do you want to work out in a BODgroup led by Amoila???

If you complete your purchase through me by July 25, 2021, I will add you to Amoila’s exclusive BODgroup!!!

All you need to do is click below and let me know your email. I will send you a “Share a Cart” with VIP Access to the program already there so all you have to do is pay and start checking it out.

I will make sure you’re added to Amoila’s BODgroup!

As always, if you have any questions or want to talk about your health and fitness and making some important lifestyle changes, please get in touch…I love helping people find their best selves!

Commit with Coach Monica!


Author: Monica

Wife, mother, former elementary school teacher, one-half of a dynamic coaching team and co-founder of the Fit Club Network. I am currently an Independent 14 Star Diamond Coach whose passionate about helping others transform their lives.

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