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It’s Live, It’s Interactive, It’s BODi by Beachbody!

It’s Live, It’s Interactive, It’s BODi by Beachbody! | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM

It’s Live, It’s Interactive, It’s BODi by Beachbody! | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM

Have You Heard ABout BODi by Beachbody???

Wow! Have you heard about BODi by Beachbody???

Beachbody has had so many exciting announcements lately — I’m stoked I get to share yet another one with you! This Fall, Beachbody On Demand will include a *NEW* interactive live workout experience called Bodi (pronounced “body”).

So, what is it??? Let’s see…

Beachbody’s BODi

BODi is a new program designed with interactivity in mind. There will be both live and pre-recorded live classes offered.

BODi is a premiere program offered in addition to the regular Beachbody On Demand library where you’ll have the option of live and on-demand classes.

It basically turns your living room into a full-on workout studio — you’ll get to attend live classes without ever leaving home!

As with all Beachbody offerings, you’ll have access to classes that match your fitness level. You’ll be able to choose from cardio, HIIT, cycling, strength training, pilates, yoga, barre, and more.

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Amazing Interactive Workouts

How interactive are the online workouts? I’ve got to tell you there are amazing interactive online workouts with BODcast.

BODcast is a super cool technology that lets you use your smartphone camera to broadcast your workout on the studio screen. You’ll see yourself and others on the screen IN the BODi studio!

How COOL is that???

BODcast is great for the trainers, too. It lets them see you and provide form corrections in real time.

Speaking of trainers…let’s take a look at them.

An Amazing Team of Trainers

You’ll love seeing all your favorite trainers live and in action with BODi!

Here are some of the Beachbody Super Trainers you’ll get to work out with:

  • Autumn Calabrese
  • Amoila Cesar
  • Elise Joan
  • Idalis Velazquez
  • Jericho Matthews
  • Joel Freeman
  • Megan Davies
  • Shaun T

You’ll also meet former Peloton instructor Jennifer Jacobs. She’s the newest Super Trainer on Beachbody’s team of trainers — and she’ll be teaching classes in both English and French!

And, you’re going to love the music choices…

Awesome Music Choices

Music is motivating and you’ll have lots of choices because BODi offers some great NEW music!

The live interactive workouts will feature popular music tracks beyond the previous instrumental tracks created for the regular Beachbody programs.

You can use the instructor’s curated playlist OR select a genre of music you like better. Once you select your genre, you’ll get a playlist of music that matches up with the beats per minute (BPM) of whichever class you’re taking.

Cool, right???

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Fitness & Nutrition Support

As with the regular Beachbody program, you’ll get premium nutrition support through the Portion Fix and 2B Mindset nutrition programs.

You’ll find new meal plans and recipes every month! Plus…expert nutrition advice!

You’ll also get the benefit of a fabulous supportive community to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Working Out is Better With BODi

BODi makes your entire home workout experience feel new. With great new music options, live online workouts, and great instructors, this is the BEST online gym membership out there!

You’ll find new classes every day that keep you motivated to stick with your healthy lifestyle. BODi also integrates with BODgroups for ongoing support and accountability.

You can even tell which BODgroup members are signed up for classes so you can work out together.

Access BODi

If you’ve got an active Beachbody On Demand membership, you can buy a BODi membership this Fall for only an additional $19.95 per month. There will be discounts to both current and new customers.

Want a sneak peek of BODi???

Don’t wait! Join Nutrition+ for the BODi beta test. You’ll get the full BODi interactive experience before it goes public!!!

Get Your New BODi!

You’re going to love your new BODi interactive online workouts. Seriously…turn your living room into the fitness studio you’ve always dreamed of being a member of.

I am super PSYCHED about this new program! If you any questions about the new BODi program, don’t hesitate to reach out. Just click below we can chat.

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