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Insanity Upper Body Weight Training

This post was last updated on Aug 17, 2018 @ 2:47 pm
Insanity Upper Body Workout |


Insanity Upper Body Weight Training

Even Shaun T lifts weights every so often. I just did Insanity upper body weight training today. What an OUTSTANDING workout! I’m kicking myself for waiting so long.

This workout comes with the Insanity Deluxe Kit, along with Insane Abs and Max Interval Training. It’s all upper body and abs with Shaun using weights. He does 12, 10, 8 rep count sets, each of which includes two or three weight exercises and one or two cardio interval sets. I was a mess after I was done. I didn’t wear my heart rate monitor, but I had to push pause more than once. This is a great set that would be really easy to take into the gym as well.

Here’s a couple videos with some additional thoughts:

Here’s what you get with the Insanity Deluxe Package:

  • MAX Interval Sports Training (interval workouts designed for elite athletes)
  • Insane Abs (an intense ab routine)
  • FREE: Upper-Body Weighted Workout (Go one on one with Shaun T to work your entire upper body—chest, back, arms, and shoulders)

Price $239.70

If you’re interested in purchasing the Insanity Deluxe Package, click the button below. If you do not already have an account with Team Beachbody, be sure you sign up BEFORE you purchase, so you can get FREE coaching. And, don’t miss our Insanity Workout Tips video series!


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