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Healthy Broccoli Recipe

Healthy Broccoli Recipe |


Coach Monica’s Healthy Broccoli Recipe

Contrary to popular belief, broccoli doesn’t have to be drowned in cheese sauce to be good. In the video below, Monica shares a terrific healthy broccoli recipe.

I used to think that vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower were side dishes to be steamed, stir fried, or boiled and plopped them on the plate next to the protein-packed main dish. Over the last few years, Beachbody has helped change my views – and look at veggies in a whole new way. Trust me, they can make a delicious and fulfilling main dish on their own.

In this healthy broccoli recipe, we swapped pasta for broccoli. Monica shows you how to use organic ground turkey and a savory Bolognese sauce (a fancy name for spaghetti sauce) to turn broccoli into a hearty meal. After steaming the broccoli, she puts it on the plate and pours the lean protein-rich sauce on top. It may not be pasta, but the flavor is awesome and it’s a big winner at the Ward household.

In the video below, Monica shows you how it’s done and gives you a little bonus content showing you how to make a great chicken soup stock. (Don’t miss her secret for skimming off the fat.) Here you go:

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. Our goal is to keep it as simple as possible and stop overwhelm from paralyzing our customers. Be sure and check out our collection of healthy recipes and, remember, that we’re only an email away. Don’t let confusion or overwhelm stop you from making a healthy lifestyle change.

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