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One on One with Tony Horton: The 30-15 Upper Body Massacre

One on One with Tony Horton: The 30-15 Upper Body Massacre |

One on One with Tony Horton: The 30-15 Upper Body Massacre | by Dave Ward of

Tony Horton’s 30-15 Upper Body Massacre

Tony Horton’s 30/15 Upper Body Massacre is a brutal death march down Chest + Back Valley…30 push ups and 15 pull ups per set for 12 SETS.

This workout is on Volume 1 (of 3) of Tony’s P90X One on One workout series. The inspiration for this DVD series was a whole lot of P90X grads who were looking for new material. It includes strength training, cardio, and yoga.

In my opinion, this workout is one of the hardest upper body workouts out there. It’s about an hour of pretty relentless exercises. I’m going to be replacing the regular P90X upper body workout with this one as I refocus on strength training. That’s how I use the three One on One volumes…they’re great for modifying P90X to mix it up or dial in on a particular area of your body or fitness regime.

Watch the video to get a better idea of what I’m talking about:

Just do your best and forget the rest.

You’ll definitely want to check out Volume 3, which has Tony trying out new workouts for what will eventually be the sequel to P90X. It’s super cool to be a part of that process.

Happy to help you create your own custom workout using the 30-15 Upper Body Massacre or any of the other workouts in Tony’s P90X One on One series.

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