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Don’t Skip the P90X Yoga!

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Don't Skip the P90X Yoga |

Don't Skip the P90X Yoga |

Don’t Skip the P90X Yoga!

Tony Horton is BIG on yoga. Once again, he’s admonishing us—don’t skip the P90X yoga! But, first…a little bit about P90X One on One MC2.

P90X One on One MC2

UPDATE: Tony Horton’s One on One subscription series has been replace with the AMAZING Beachbody on Demand membership!

We all know what P90x is. Hopefully, by know you know that Tony Horton’s One on One series is a monthly subscription-based service where you get a new workout every month for about $20. MC2 stands for Muscle Confusion Part 2 and it is the codename for the next generation of P90X. Volume III of One on Oneis a preview of P90X MC2. Tony is basically using these as a big test group for the new P90X, so each workout is a preview of what’s to come with P90X MC2. Subscribers who get all the DVD’s in Volume III also receive a 50% discount on P90X MC2 when it’s available toward the end of 2011.

P90X Yoga X MC2

I love this workout! I’m currently doing a hybrid workout of P90X, Insanity and the One on Ones. This week my schedule was thrown off because Tony was in town for his book signing. I got back on schedule today with Yoga X MC2, which is probably the most challenging yoga workout that Tony has done yet…and, definitely my favorite. It’s just over an hour long and Tony covers a lot of ground. There’s some really challenging stuff in the video, but he also shows you how to modify.

Don’t Skip the P90X Yoga

During P90X Yoga X MC2, Tony gives some good advice. After the workout, I recorded this brief segment:

He’s right, of course. A couple of years ago, we interviewed Tony on this very topic. His “Why Do Yoga” video is one of the most watched videos on our YouTube Channel.

Yoga has changed my life. Since I started doing it in 2004, when we started P90X, I’ve gained strength, flexibility, and a sense of calm that I didn’t have before. Don’t skip the yoga, kids…it might just change your life, too.

If you’re struggling with yoga or have any questions, just click.

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