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Jack the Dog for Coronado Canine Mayor!

Jack the Dog for Canine Mayor of Coronado |
Jack the Dog for Canine Mayor of Coronado

Jack the Dog for Canine Mayor of Coronado

Could He Do Worse than a Human?

Sad, but true…almost.  Actually, the fine City of Coronado has an equally fine Mayor.  Nonetheless, no one has yet to rise up and represent the interests of bipartisan animals in the Crown City.  That is, until now.  After a distinguished career including 12 years of canine exploits, the venerable Jack the Dog has thrown his name into the hat to become the Coronado Canine Mayor.

In a brief moment of seriousness, your vote does count and we would really appreciate the support.  Jackie has been a loving member of our family for 12 years and it would be really fun for us and him if he could serve as Canine Mayor of Coronado.  You can vote for Jack the Dog HERE.  Each vote costs $1.00 (vote as many times as you’d like) and all proceeds go to PAWS of Coronado a non-profit organization. Voting ends April 27th! Paws of Coronado was founded in 2003 as a non-profit animal welfare organization. The team at PAWS believes that “Saving the life of one animal will not change the world, but for that one animal the world will change forever!” It is a great organization and my Mother gives a lot of her time to it.

(Now back to the levity)

Jack’s platform for Canine Mayor of Coronado rests squarely on principles that all animals can identify with.

  • Free food!
  • Plenty of sleep
  • 3 square walks a day; and
  • A safe and loving home for every animal housed at the Animal Care Facility of Coronado.

Jack will not rest (well, he won’t rest much) until every pet in Coronado has these unalienable rights!  Vote for Jack the Dog for Canine Mayor of Coronado today and cast a vote for animal rights and sensible politics!

Messages From Jack’s Supporters


“As what can only be described as a finicky voter, I can only place my vote for Jack the Dog. He’s the only candidate I’ve seen that has the best interests of Coronado pets foremost in his mind, or at least a close second to lunch.”

Melissa (A.K.A. LiLo)

Canine Mayor of Coronado

I don’t often vote for Canine Mayor of Coronado, but when I do I prefer Jack the Dog. Sincerely, The Coolest Dog in The World.

Hon. Judge Godfrey

Coronado Canine Mayor

Vote for Jack the Dog or I will hold you in contempt. Look at me. Do you think I’m joking?


Canine Mayor of Coronado

As the only dog in Coronado with the ability to drive myself to Dog Beach to play, I endorse Jack the Dog for Canine Mayor of Coronado!


Coronado Canine Mayor

Vote for Jack the Dog, or else…

Charles Darwin

Coronado Canine Mayor

Jack the Dog is the most highly evolved candidate in the race for Canine Mayor of Coronado. He’s the dog for the job.


Coronado Canine Mayor

I’m very nervous. Only Jack the Dog can make me feel safe.


Coronado Canine Mayor

My uncle Jack the Dog is the best! Vote for him and we’ll all get cookies! OH, squirrel….


Coronado Canine Mayor

Frankly, I can’t be bothered.


Canine Mayor of Coronado

I’m a dog that looks like a tiger and I’m voting for Jack the Dog.



Author: Dave

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  1. Phyllis Stewart

    Of course Jack the Dog is the BEST!! I love him!!

  2. Phyllis Stewart

    Of course Jack the Dog is the best!!! Love that dog!!

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