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Coach Monica’s 21 DAY FIX FAQ SERIES: What is the 21 Day Fix Doubles Option?

Coach Monica Koon's 21 DAY FIX FAQ SERIES: What is the 21 Day Fix Doubles Option? |

Coach Monica Koon's 21 DAY FIX FAQ SERIES: What is the 21 Day Fix Doubles Option? |

What is the 21 Day Fix Doubles Option?

Are you wondering about the 21 Day Fix doubles option? Hopefully, after watching the video below, you’ll know whether taking on this extra optional challenge is for you.

The 21 Day Fix doubles option is a way to get even more dramatic results. Scientific studies have found that your resting metabolic rate is elevated for several hours after you’re done exercising. The Doubles week is an option for Days 15 to 21 [the last week] of the three-week round. During this week, you can do a second workout at a different time than your regular workout to burn more calories and boost your metabolism for added results.

Watch this video where I discuss the 21 Day Fix doubles option in more detail:



If you’re really want to push yourself to reach your goal, the 21 Day Fix Doubles option is the way to go!

If you’d like to learn even more about the Fix, head over to our 21 Day Fix page. You’ll find the basics on the program, plus a bunch of helpful post I’ve written since this program was launched. I fell so in love with this program when it first came out that I decided to specialize in it. If you buy the program through me, you get coached by me for FREE—and, I’ll add you to my private 21 Day Fix Facebook Family!

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