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Coach Monica’s 21 DAY FIX FAQ VIDEO SERIES: What Can I Put in My 21 Day Fix Containers?

Coach Monica's 21 DAY FIX FAQ VIDEO SERIES: What Can I Put in My 21 Day Fix Containers? |

Coach Monica's 21 DAY FIX FAQ VIDEO SERIES: What Can I Put in My 21 Day Fix Containers? |
What Can I Put in My 21 Day Fix Containers?

Before they get into the groove of the program, people usually ask me, “What can I put in my 21 Day Fix containers?.” Anything? Everything? Well, I’ll tell you.

I’ll start by letting you know that you cannot fill the containers with junk food and expect to see great results in 21 days. And, by the way, great results aren’t just a few less pounds. At the heart of the 21 Day Fix is the goal of making a permanent lifestyle change—in both nutrition and fitness. To get truly great results, you must follow the plan—and that means eating quality, clean, and healthy foods.

The 21 Day Fix program includes a detailed Nutrition Guide with food lists for each container. You won’t find any junk food in Autumn Calabrese’s food lists or recipes. But, you DO get a lot of options.

This often overwhelms people who are just starting out. They look at the list and get stuck because they don’t know where to start. Read my post on How to Get Started on the 21 Day Fix for a step-by-step guide, which focuses on simplifying the program when you’re just starting out.

One of the most important things I teach my Fixers is how to deconstruct recipes to be Fix-compliant, so you don’t miss your comfort foods quite so much. The key is learning how to swap the crappy foods for healthy foods. For instance, instead of pasta, I use spiralized zucchini.

Watch this video to learn more about what foods you can put in the 21 Day Fix containers:



You can get more meal ideas in my online challenge group (see below), my I Like Monica Koon Facebook page, Pinterest, the library, Autumn’s blog, and Beachbody’s blog. But, PLEASE remember…if you go all gung ho and try to cook all new recipes, you’re likely to burn out. I encourage you to learn how to simplify your 21 Day Fix meal prep by learning how to do buffet style meal prep.

FREE 21 Day Fix Tools

Beachbody gives me the awesome opportunity to provide my customers with TONS of free resources. Here are just a few to get you started on the 21 Day Fix: 

  • This website! Head over to the 21 Day Fix page and look for the Learn More section at the bottom. You’ll find a ton of blog posts that were inspired by all the questions I get asked from the people I coach.
  • FREE coaching! Studies have shown when you have help—and are held accountable—your chances of succeeding massively increase. Learn more about our coaching program that’s available to you at no additional cost (Beachbody includes the cost of coaching in the price of the program).
  • Membership in my 21 Day Fix Family Facebook group! Get daily tips, motivation, accountability, and surround yourself with others on the same journey as you.
  • A FREE 21 Day Fix meal plan! If you do not already have a Beachbody coach, sign up below and I will send you seven daily meal plans, the grocery shopping list to go with them, and a helpful color-coded 21 Day Fix food list to hang on  your refrigerator. You’ll also start receiving my newsletter, where I provide lots more invaluable info.

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