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Kiss Exercise Goodbye with Shaun T’s Cize Workout

Cize: Shaun T's New Dance Workout |

Shaun T's Cize Workout |

Kiss Exercise Goodbye with Shaun T’s Cize Workout

Oh my, Shaun T’s Cize workout is a blast! It honestly doesn’t feel like you’re even exercising so there’s no more dreading your workouts.

Because you get to do this workout in the privacy of your own home, you do NOT need to be a dancer. There is ZERO performance pressure! You can dance like no one is watching—because no one IS watching. If only you could see my mad dance skills lol. My workout wives and I are like teenage girls having a dance party in my living room when we get together to do Cize! 

What is the Cize Workout?

Shaun T’s Cize workout is a four-week program that teaches you some fun (and HOT) dance routines that burn major calories. Shaun T breaks down each move, step-by-step, and works you up to do the full combination.

Just because it’s fun does NOT mean it’s easy. You won’t stop moving and you will be dripping with sweat during the workout. If you’re familiar with Shaun T at all, then you know what you’re in for—cardiovascular, core strengthening, and muscle toning all at once.

What is Included with the Cize Workout?

The Cize workout includes six dance routines:

  1. Crazy 8s—35 minutes of dancing (and sweating) to “Hands in the Air” (originally recorded by Timbaland).
  2. You Got This—You’ll move faster to “Treasure” (originally recorded by Bruno Mars).
  3. Full Out—Level 2 dancing to “Lose My Breath” (originally recorded by Destiny’s Child).
  4. In the Pocket—Even more challenging, this dance is to “Problem” (originally recorded by Ariana Grande).
  5. Go For It—Perform to the song “Pass That Dutch” (originally recorded by Missy Elliott).
  6. Livin’ in the 8s—and, finally, you’ll get a little emotional to “Chandelier” (originally recorded by Sia)

You also get all of these tools:

  • Get Started guide
  • Eat Up! meal plan
  • Beginner and Advanced calendars
  • Weekend Survival Guide
  • 8 Count Abs Workout (to the song “Headsprung,” originally recorded by LL Cool J)
  • 24/7 online support, including fitness and nutrition tips and live chats with Shaun T

The meals in the meal plan are easy to fix and were designed to help you lose weight, give you the energy you need to dance, and be delicious. I have confirmed that you can even eat chocolate! You won’t be dieting, starving, or feeling deprived…just eating controlled portions of healthy foods. (You can also do what I do—the Cize workouts and the 21 Day Fix eating plan.)

How Much Does the Cize Workout Cost?

The Cize workout is included in a Beachbody on Demand membership! Click below for more info (spoiler: it’s only $99/YEAR!!!):

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Free Coaching

If you don't already have a Beachbody Coach, I encourage you to message me so you can get the added benefit of personalized coaching AND membership in my 21 Day Fix Facebook accountability group. The combination of the Cize workout and the Portion Fix eating plan is a WINNING ONE!

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