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A New Shakeology Formula?

A New Shakeology Formula? |

A New Shakeology Formula? |

Fact or Fiction: Is There a New Shakeology Formula?

You might have been hearing rumblings about a new Shakeology formula lately. I’ll be giving you the real scoop in this post.

YES, there WAS a change to the formula for all flavors—it was really more of an update rather than a reformulation. The changes were very minor overall.

You might be wondering, if it was so awesome before, why the change? Well, life, science and nature are fluid and THANKFULLY Beachbody responds to changes proactively.

In the case of Shakeology, small changes were made to maintain the nutritional benefits of the original formula and to ensure the efficacy of all ingredients.

The following three ingredients were removed and are no longer a part of the new Shakeology formula:

  • Amaranth—There was concern about the ability to consistently obtain enough amaranth of required quality in the future, so it was removed from the new protein blend. It was replaced with additional quinoa, which has similar nutritive benefits and helps build lean muscles and reduce cravings.
  • Tulsi (Holy Basil)—For the same reason, tulsi was also removed from the adaptogen blend. Other ingredients were increased in order to provide the same nutritional benefits.
  • Acai Berries—While Beachbody’s specific form of acai was not concerning, Beachbody’s Scientific Advisory Board recommended removing it from the superfruit/antioxidant blend due to its links with Chagas disease. Other ingredients were increased to compensate for its removal, so we still get the same general nutritional benefits.

These changes are happening between July and December 2015.

How will you know if you have the old or new formula? Just check the ingredient label. If you have the old one, there is no need to do anything—because there is NOTHING dangerous about the old formula and nothing bad will happen if you drink it. For that reason, Beachbody won’t be exchanging old for new. Beachbody was simply being super proactive and hyper safe based upon the updated information they received.

Now, go forth and drink the Shakeology! If you haven’t yet tried it, you REALLY must.

The Shakeology Sampler Pack is the best way to give it a good try. Each sampler contains an assortment of Shakeology and a Welcome Guide. Here are the two different options:

NOTE: The Sampler Pack is only for first-time Shakeology users, so there is a limit of one per person.

If you have any questions about Shakeology or would like to find out how to get it at a discount, shoot me a message:

Contact Coach Dave


If you are stuck in a place of believing you can't afford this investment in your health, Monica put together an AWESOME post that you should check out—I Can't Afford Shakeology!


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