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SHAKEOLOGY INGREDIENTS: Prebiotics and Probiotics

SHAKEOLOGY INGREDIENTS: Probiotics and Prebiotics

SHAKEOLOGY INGREDIENTS: Prebiotics and Probiotics

Prebiotics and Probiotics
in Shakeology

Do you know the difference between prebiotics and probiotics? If not, I’m here to explain it, plus I’ll let you know which ones are in Shakeology.

What’s the Difference Between Prebiotics and Probiotics?

I used to wonder what the difference between prebiotics and probiotics was myself. This is a really simple explanation that will clear up any confusion you have.

Prebiotics occur naturally in fruits, whole grains, legumes, and certain plants and stimulate the good bacteria (probiotics) in our digestive tracts so they grow or get more active and improve digestive health. Basically, prebiotics are food for the good bacteria.

As mentioned, probiotics are the good bacteria strains that live in our intestines and help us properly digest our food and may also help maintain a strong immune system. Without them, we may suffer diarrhea and our immune system will suffer.

Are There Prebiotics and Probiotics in Shakeology?

Yes, there are. Both are present and working as they should in Shakeology.

The primary prebiotic in Shakeology is the yacon root (AKA the Peruvian Ground Apple). Similar to a sweet potato, the yacon root has been found to contain more natural “FOS” (fructooligosaccharides) than anything else. FOS is a powerful prebiotic that supports healthy intestinal bacteria, regularity, and immunity. An additional prebiotic is chicory root, which is considered one of the best prebiotic food sources.

The primary probiotic in Shakeology is lactobacillus sporogenes (AKA bacillus coagulans), which is the probiotic of choice of most naturopathic doctors because it’s naturally encapsulated in order to survive the heat and acids found in the stomach. It’s not found in many foods or supplements because it costs more. Another example of “You get what you pay for.”

If you want to learn more about Shakeology, head over to our FAQs—Shakeology FAQs

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