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The Importance of Core Commitments

The Importance of Core Commitments |

The Importance of Core Commitments |

The Importance of Core Commitments

Successful health and fitness journeys are not just about working out and eating better. They are centered around your core commitments.

Your core commitments are those things that resonate with your soul and should shape your entire priority system. Unfortunately, the busyness of daily life and/or unconsciousness can disconnect us from what really matters and we get out of whack.

I’m committed to helping the WHOLE you. I want to ensure that your health and fitness journey goes far beyond “I have a wedding in three months” or “I’m going on a cruise next month.” I want you to fully dial in on your core commitments, so you can be successful and your lifestyle can permanently change.

Here are my core commitments:
  1. I engage in deeply connected and meaningful relationships with Jesus, my children, my partner, my mom, dad, grandmother, siblings and select friends.
  2. I provide excellent customer service and coach mentorship, working from a well thought out and intentional schedule.
  3. I train hard for at least 1 hour per day.
  4. I fuel my body with simple and nutritious food.
  5. I save and invest in assets that appreciate and offset their cost.
  6. I document all these things I value and share them on social media in order to help others.

These things help me consciously prioritize things in my life. For example, my grandmother – AKA Nonna – is not the same peppy person she once was. She used to have tons of energy and was like a sorority sister to me! But, she has slowed down and our relationship is on her terms now. I have had to change my approach to our relationship in order to maintain it. Seeing her is not left to chance or for just those times when I have time. By identifying her as one of my top priorities, I am driven to schedule my life so that it works for us.

I have an assignment for you. I want you to identify and write down your core commitments that develop your whole person. Go beyond health and fitness. Think about who and what are your very top priorities. 

Now, focus on them. When you dedicate your whole being to your core commitments, there is very little that can sway you from forward movement. Negative people are no longer sources of anger, but reminders and motivators. Challenges become exercises that make you stronger, rather than road blocks.

The shift in perspective that comes from centering your life around your core commitments is hugely empowering. Don’t feel bad if you need some help with this crucial life task. That’s why I’m here! Just click below and we will get started.

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Author: Monica

Wife, mother, former elementary school teacher, one-half of a dynamic coaching team and co-founder of the Fit Club Network. I am currently an Independent 14 Star Diamond Coach whose passionate about helping others transform their lives.

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