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Do You Have a Child Who Won’t Eat Vegetables?

Do You Have a Child Who Won't Eat Vegetables? |

Do You Have a Child Who Won't Eat Vegetables? Try Giving Them Daily Sunshine! |

Do You Have a Child Who Won’t Eat Vegetables?

Try Giving Them Daily Sunshine Nutrition Shake!

As a mom, I have a special love for one of Beachbody’s new products. I know firsthand how stressful and frustrating it is when you have a child who won’t eat vegetables. Imagine NEVER having to say “Eat your veggies!” to your kids again. I am not fantasizing…this is possible!

You no longer have to worry your kids are eating enough fruit and vegetables to get the vitamins and minerals they need, because Beachbody has just released an organic PICKY KID-APPROVED 3-in-1 smoothie for kids that has the perfect balanced nutrition to fill in all the gaps in their diet. It’s called Daily Sunshine and it comes in two flavors.

What is Daily Sunshine?

Why do we need to take nutritional supplements? To compensate for nutritional deficiencies or as a tool that makes eating healthy easier.

Daily Sunshine is a valuable tool for the parents of a child who won’t eat vegetables. It’s a healthy smoothie that has been formulated as a snack for kids four years or older that includes all of the nutritional building blocks they need to be healthy and strong.

It comes in two flavors—Chocolate and Strawberry Banana—and is available in a bag (30 day supply) or a box of single-serve packets (24 servings; single flavor or 12 of each flavor). You can also get a sampler pack once with two of each flavor.

Daily Sunshine is NOT a weight loss product. It is a yummy snack that gives kids what they need to be at optimal health AND picky adults a better alternative than unhealthy high calorie foods.

What are the Ingredients in Daily Sunshine?

Daily Sunshine was designed to help curb junk food cravings, which is behind the inclusion of fiber and 10 grams of protein.

As always, Beachbody worked closely with an extensively experience external pediatric nutrition expert to develop the formula for Daily Sunshine. Once that was done, they worked with an independent organization to have over 400 U.S. pediatricians review it and, you guessed it—4 out of every 5 pediatricians approved the formula!

ALL ingredients in Daily Sunshine are NATURAL. Key ingredients include:

  • Organic fruits & vegetables
  • Organic pea protein
  • Healthy fats
  • Fiber
  • Probiotics
  • Calcium
  • Vitamins C, D, and E
  • Stevia

It does NOT contain gluten, soy, dairy, or added sugar or high fructose corn syrup, so it’s extremely allergy-friendly. Each serving contains 120 calories.

Chocolate Daily Sunshine contains organic cocoa powder and natural chocolate flavor, so it does have a very small amount of caffeine (like a cup of hot chocolate). If you want zero caffeine, we suggest you choose the Strawberry Banana flavor.

If you want to dig deeper into the ingredients, click HERE.

How to Use Daily Sunshine

It’s easy, easy, easy. All you have to do is scoop, add water and shake. Kids can enjoy it in the mornings, on the way to school, with lunch, as an after-school snack, or even between soccer practice and music lessons. And, it’s an awesome healthy summer treat!

For those of you who are familiar with Shakeology, it’s easier to blend, which makes it extremely convenient when you’re out and about—just shake and drink! Once it’s mixed, it should be consumed within 30 minutes.

Can Adults Drink Daily Sunshine?

Yes, Daily Sunshine is even for that giant child who won’t eat vegetables lol. While its formula is geared to kids, it can definitely be a healthy and delicious snack for adults. It’s especially fabulous for an elderly grandparent.

It’s even 21 Day Fix APPROVED—each serving counts as 1/2 green (vegetable), 1/2 purple (fruit), and 1/2 red (protein).

Daily Sunshine is not intended as a pre- or post-workout supplement. If you want a boost before your workout, we recommend Beachbody Performance Energize as it will be far more effective. It is also not intended to be a pre-workout product. For some help recovering after an intense workout, Beachbody Performance Recover will help much more as it is specifically formulated for this purpose; Shakeology is also helpful after less-intense workouts.

Do You Have a Child Who Won't Eat Vegetables? Try Giving Them Daily Sunshine! | TheFitClubNetwork.comDaily Sunshine vs Shakeology?

Daily Sunshine provides the key nutrients in a simple and healthy formula for young, growing bodies.

Shakeology focuses on providing an array of superfoods, adaptogens, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and other important nutrients for adult bodies.

Both have their unique ingredients and suit the nutritional needs of kids and adults at different levels.

Shakeology also has quite a bit more protein—between 16 to 17 grams—as compared to the 10 grams in Daily Sunshine. For more on what Shakeology specifically does, visit our Shakeology page.

Can I Drink Both Daily Sunshine and Shakeology?

Absolutely! They’re different, so you can alternate as desired.

How Can I Buy Daily Sunshine?

Are you ready to give Daily Sunshine a try on your child who won’t eat vegetables? Click below to get the Sampler Pack, Combo Pack, or a?

Buy the Daily Sunshine Sampler (U.S.)



NOTE: Currently, Daily Sunshine is only available in the U.S. It will be available in Canada in 2018.

ANOTHER NOTE: In April 2018, Beachbody released a YUMMY and HEALTHY new snack bar that the kids are LOVING! Check it out—Announcing the Best Protein Bar EVER!

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