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80 Day Obsession: Best Core and Glute Exercises

The 80 Day Obsession: Best Core and Glute Exercises |

80 Day Obsession: Best Core and Glute Exercises |

80 Day Obsession: Best Core and Glute Exercises

Are you looking for a workout that has the absolute BEST core and glute exercises? These are my two areas of focus too! Getting a firm rounded butt AND toned abdominal muscles requires a COMPLETE approach that includes both targeted exercises AND proper nutrition. This is EXACTLY what the 80 Day Obsession program offers—and I am LOVING it!

But first…some general info and tips on strengthening your core and getting tight glutes…

Tips to Get a Tight Bum

Who doesn’t want round and tight glutes??? I think we can all agree that these are #GOALS.

You can do tons of cardio, but the getting a tight bum requires weight training. There isn’t one magic exercise that will change your butt change—it’s all about targeting, combining AND eating right.

Here are a few key points:

  • You have to do more than just squats—you MUST mix up your routine.
  • Two types of training help you get a tight bum—focused body and/or weighted exercises (including lifts, squats and lunges) and resistance work (using bands, slides, etc.).
  • Consistency in the gym AND in the kitchen are KEY. You’ve got to be faithfully following a nutrient-packed whole food nutrition eating plan with adequate amounts of protein.

Here are some tips to help you effectively exercise those glutes:

  • Double up on your leg day exercises
  • Train one leg at a time
  • Squat wider and go deeper
  • Walk those lunges and add weights

Tips on Toning Your Core

The 80 Day Obsession: Best Core and Glute Exercises | TheFitClubNetwork.comAs I mentioned above, you have to both exercise and eat right in order to tone your core. Here are some key facts to remember:

  • You can’t reduce fat in a certain area (like your tummy) with isolation exercises. Your goal is to lower the fat percentage of your whole body through a combination of exercise and nutrition.
  • Core muscles need resistance just like any other muscles in order to grow.
  • To develop any specific muscle group, you need to train it often—but, NOT every day. It’s important to switch muscle groups so they can recover.

Now for some tips to help you effective exercise your core:

  • Drink A LOT of water
  • Follow a high protein/low carb eating plan
  • Always eat breakfast
  • Modify your ab routine

The 80 Day Obsession

What I love about Beachbody is that they make it easy for us—both their customers AND coaches. They pretty much have a complete (exercise and nutrition) program for everyone and you can trust that they get it right because they invest in some of the best trainers and scientists in the industry.

The 80 Day Obsession is another one of Beachbody’s amazing and COMPLETE fitness and nutrition program. It combines all of the best core and glute exercises in an effective sequence and couples it with a timed nutrition eating plan to help you achieve a firm and rounded butt and toned core.

If you want to:

  • get leaner, firmer and more sculpted core and glutes
  • make a complete lifestyle adjustment (instead of just a temporary fix)

…then you definitely want to check out the 80 Day Obsession.

It’s time to get obsessed! Watch this video with info on this new program by our Autumn Calabrese:

With this program, you get 80 different workouts in three phases that are constantly targeting your core and glutes. There is no getting bored doing repetitive sit-ups in this program—it has an extensive mix of the best core and glute exercises.

You’ll also be introduced to timed nutrition. I’m going to cover this more in depth in another post—for now, just know that this is an advanced method of portion control that pairs your containers and times your meals in such a way that maximizes your results. It’s gloriously effective and simple.

The 80 Day Obsession is available exclusively on Beachbody on Demand. With your subscription, you’ll be able to live stream the 80 unique and transformational workouts and get the complete Starter Guide, which includes eating plans, a workout calendar and tracker sheets.

Click below to go to our 80 Day Obsession page for more info:

Learn More About 80 Day Obsession


Get Coached for Free

Even the very best core and glute exercises are made better when you have the help and accountability offered by a coach. The other outstanding thing about Beachbody is their FREE coaching program. If you want to be coached by me, one of Beachbody's founding coaches, just click below for the instructions to sign up:

Get Coached by Monica


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