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How To Choose The Right Adjustable Kettlebell

How To Choose The Right Adjustable Kettlebell | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM


How To Choose The Right Adjustable Kettlebell

Are you looking for an effective fitness tool for your workouts? Have you considered introducing an adjustable kettlebell into your training routine? These units have become increasingly popular in recent years, enabling users to improve their strength and endurance.

Nevertheless, adjustable kettlebells have made a real boom in the fitness market owing to their convenience, adjustability, and affordability. These models provide users with the possibility to choose between several weight increments, depending on their requirements.

Тhe following tips will help you choose the best model from the favorite adjustable kettlebell options among fitness enthusiasts.

Consider its weight

Unlike standard kettlebells, the adjustable models provide fitness enthusiasts with several weight increments to choose from. For instance, the recommended weight for men is considered to be from a minimum of 26 lbs to a maximum of 35 lbs, while women are advised to start exercising with models that weigh 17-26 lbs.

In terms of the number of increments, most kettlebells provide three weight options, thus being suitable for individuals looking for low weight models. Conversely, other units provide up to seven increments, which contribute to a higher overall weight.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that the overall weight and increments of the model you purchase should be based on your fitness goals and robustness. Consequently, fitness newbies are advised to choose a lighter unit with a couple of increments, while experienced exercisers would be better suited with heavy models, which have more than three increments.

Consider its locking mechanism

The locking mechanism is another essential feature to look for in kettlebells, as it directly affects the safety of users. Despite the variety of locking mechanisms, the most important thing is for the system to be effective in order to prevent accidents. For example, most models are equipped with a switch that provides convenient and quick weights locking.

Moreover, some models are armed with pin locking or click-in systems, which are believed to be more solid. Considering the importance of your safety, make sure you purchase a unit with a high-end, reliable locking mechanism. Although these models come at a higher price, spare no money when it comes to safety. Click here for some helpful tips for safe exercising with a kettlebell.

Don’t forget the handle

Choosing a model with a good handle is of indispensable importance when purchasing a kettlebell. The handle is supposed to be comfortable and convenient to hold in order not to result in blisters and calluses. For greater comfort, some people opt for models whose handles are padded with foam. Anyhow, bear in mind that such padding is not durable, as it will get damaged soon after purchasing the unit.

Furthermore, it’s paramount for the size of the handle to match the size and shape of your hand. Otherwise, the risk of getting injured while exercising will be considerably greater. Therefore, individuals with big hands are recommended to buy units with a large space between the bell and the handle. Conversely, the ones with small hands should look for a model that provides a comfortable grip.

Consider its material and coating

In terms of material, make sure you purchase a kettlebell made almost completely out of metal, as the unit is supposed to be incredibly strong. The models made of plastic or rubber are more prone to damage and don’t provide the strength you’re looking for while exercising.

Apart from the material, you are also expected to select a unit with fine coating, which provides protection against damage and rust. For greater durability and resistance to scratching, make sure you buy a model with powder or vinyl coating. Consequently, you’ll be protecting the unit and the floors at the same time.

Compare prices

Kettlebells come in an extensive price range, being available for everyone’s budget. However, the price of these units is determined by a multitude of factors, such as their material, coating, weight, and locking mechanism. The models made entirely from metal, with double coating and a reliable locking system are considered to be the most expensive ones in the market.

Bottom line

These fitness tools can really provide the strength and endurance you’re looking for, so make sure you purchase a kettlebell suitable for your requirements!

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