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Home Gym Comparison: A Guide to Choosing the Right Home Gym

Home Gym Comparison: A Guide to Choosing the Right Home Gym | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM

Home Gym Comparison: A Guide to Choosing the Right Home Gym | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM

A Guide to Choosing the Right Home Gym

Having a home gym is the best way to maintain a daily training routine. It also saves you money for a commercial gym membership. You may choose to invest in either a basic home gym or have a multi-gym depending on what’s suits you.

For people who prefer sweating in private, home gyms are the perfect solution. Plus, you can focus better without distractions unlike at the public gyms. Weights, treadmills, elastic bands, exercise bikes, skipping ropes are the most commonly used home gym equipment.

You can find more information by checking out this comparison total gym vs bowflex.

With that said, this simple buying guide will help you get started…

Home Gym Design

Home gym equipment comes in different categories—including the Compact gym in a box, the Bow-flex gyms, traditional multi-gym design, and the Total gym style units.

The compact gym in a box includes a base and multiple attachments, handles, and resistance bands for a full-body workout.

The Bow-flex gym and the traditional gym designs are almost similar only that the Bow-flex is more streamlined with less fixed joints. They feature a bench with a pulley system, a leg developer, and a lat pull-down bar with several multi-purpose holders.

The total gym style units feature a bench on rollers angled in a way that you can glide it up and down. All these designs are uniquely built to manipulate your body weight in different ways with a common goal.

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Home Gym Extras

Most manufactures will include a workout chart showing some of the workouts you can do with the machine depending on the model. Some will even provide nutrition advice and a full DVD showcasing various workout guide. These extra packages may not seem vital to many but it adds value to the package.

Workout Stations

Every design comes with a workout stations that make them stand out. The bigger multi gyms provide fixed multi-function arms and a leg developer.

These two features allow you to work your chest and legs with ease for that perfect result. Others will feature a pull-down station with a high pulley for your triceps and lats, while others will provide a squat machine to perform heavy presses and squats.

You can also find extra accessories such as a rope for multiple upper body exercise and an ankle strap for the glut and leg exercise.

Home Gym Comparison: A Guide to Choosing the Right Home Gym | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM

Intended Use

Before opting for a particular home gym, always ask yourself what you wish to achieve.

You could be looking forward to developing big muscles or just building a slim and toned physique.

With this in mind, it will be much easier to choose the right home gym that suits your needs. There are also machines suitable for those suffering from serious injuries or the elderly.

These machines provide low-impact movements making it safer to use. See this link to see a few equipment you can get for your home gym—


It is always important to consider the size of your room before purchasing any equipment. If you have a big space you can go for bigger and complex machines, but if you live in a smaller apartment, consider the size of the machine.

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The prices of home gym equipment vary depending on the model type. The basic models are relatively cheaper, unlike the bigger and complex models. However, you must also consider the quality of the machines especially if you plan to use it for long. You wouldn’t want to incur extra maintenance costs or even end up enrolling into a commercial gym later just because your equipment is worn out.


A good home gym should have a variety of resistance to accommodate your body weight effectively. They also allow you to add heavy weights which is great for a progressive muscle gain. Click here to find out how you can select the best equipment for your home gym.


For those who enjoy working out as a hobby, having a home gym can definitely be a great idea. Not only does it save you money, but also saves you time now that you have everything you need at home.

We hope this simple guide can help you find the right equipment for your home workouts.

When you’re ready to talk workouts in your new home gym, shoot me a message and I’ll help you find the right (and affordable) workout for YOU.

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