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How to Drink More Water with Infuser Bottles

How to Drink More Water with Infuser Bottles | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM
How to Drink More Water with Infuser Bottles | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM

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How to Drink More Water with Infuser Bottles

Water is one of the most important elements that humans and animals alike need for survival. Perhaps the only other element that supersedes it is air.

A person may survive not eating for days or even weeks, but within days of not drinking water, the person or animal will surely die. This shows how important it is to life and living. In fact, it can be equated to life.

Let’s Get Technical

Water in itself is a natural and organic substance. It is clear, transparent, odorless, and tasteless. Although it looks colorless in small quantities, it has an inherent blue color when it is in large quantities such as in oceans. This is due to light absorption at red wavelengths.

It is composed of two molecules of hydrogen to one molecule of oxygen. Its main form is in a liquid state, but it can also be made to exist in both solid and gaseous state by freezing or steaming it.

It is one of the most readily available and plenteous compounds on earth. It constitutes a larger percentage of the earth although not all of these can be taken in by living organisms. It also acts as a solvent with the ability to dissolve many substances.

Water is needed for a lot of things and it plays a key role in the economy of virtually every nation. It is useful for agriculture, transportation, industry, sports, and many more areas.

While all these are important, its most basic but essential use is for drinking. Humans also use it for bathing, cleaning and for washing. It is a vital element needed for every form of life be it human, animal, or plant life.

The Importance of Staying Hydrated

Drinking water contains no calories or nutrients, but it is indispensable to the human body as shown here.

This is because it is an excellent and versatile solvent. Its versatility as a solvent is what makes it indispensable to most living organisms.

Most living organisms depend on aqueous solutions in the body, such as the blood as well as digestive juices, to survive and for their biological processes.

Water enables these solutions to flow freely around the body through its liquid state and the presence of oxygen.

Some other reasons why it is useful for the body includes:

  • It helps to maintain the fluid balance in the body
  • It aids in the formation of mucus and saliva
  • It helps to lubricate the joints
  • It helps in the delivery of oxygen to various parts of the body
  • It is useful in regulating body temperature
  • It is good for the skin
  • It helps to flush out body wastes
  • It makes nutrients and minerals available for the body

How Much Water Do We Need to Stay Hydrated?

The importance of staying hydrated cannot be overstated. Thus, scientists, as well as doctors, have advised on how much water one needs to take in a day.

Understand that daily the body loses fluid in a variety of ways. These include through wastes such as urine, perspiration, bowel movement as well as through the breath. Other ways can include sneezing and crying although this might not be a lot.

For this reason, there is a need to replenish this bodily fluid daily in order to stay hydrated.

The amount you should take in a day is dependent on a lot of factors.

  • Your environment — You will require less water in cool weather and more in a hot climate.
  • The kind of activities you are involved in — If you are involved in high-energy activities, like exercises or sports, you will need to drink more.
  • Your health and body status — People who are down with illness such as fever, diarrhea and vomiting may also need to take in more liquids.
  • Your gender and age — An average adult male living in a temperate region should drink about 3.7 liters of water a day while a woman will drink about 2.7 liters.

Water can come from your food and other beverages, too; in fact, at least 20% of daily fluid intake does.

Ways to Stay Hydrated

You can find a few tips on how to drink more below:

➡️ Set a Daily Goal

A lot of people meet up with their fluid needs by drinking water only when they are thirsty. If you need more fluid, but you do not feel all that thirsty, then you can set a daily fluid goal. This can help to motivate you into taking in more fluid even when you do not like it.

➡️ Get A Reusable Bottle

One way to help you take in more fluids is to have a water bottle handy often. With a reusable bottle, you can drink water anywhere and at any time. It also serves as a sort of visual reminder.

➡️ Spice up Your Water

For some people drinking a lot of water can be a chore especially when they are not thirsty. As a form of encouragement, you can spice things up with water bottle infusion.

You can do this by infusing fruits and other flavors, such as lime, kiwi, cucumber, apple and strawberries. You can also add mint leaves, ginger, basil, cilantro and many other types of flavors.

Simply get an infuser bottle, add fruit or flavor in your water and you will be encouraged to drink more.

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➡️ Set reminders

You can set a reminder or alarm on your mobile phone or smart watch to help you remember to take in fluids. You may set it to taking a couple of sips every 30 minutes or each hour. By doing this, you can easily meet up with your needed daily intake.


Drinking water daily is not only good for the body, it is also vital to life. To help you take in more of it, you can do things like setting yourself daily reminders as well as goals.

Also, do not forget to have a bottle, such as an infuser bottle close by! With it, you can add flavor to your fluid and drink it at any time and anywhere

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