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NEWSFLASH! Beachbody Merges with MYX Fitness & MYX Bike Reviews

NEWSFLASH! Beachbody Merges with MYX Fitness & MYX Bike Reviews | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM

NEWSFLASH! Beachbody Merges with MYX Fitness & MYX Bike Reviews | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM

Beachbody Merges with MYX Fitness & MYX Bike Reviews

I’m coming to you today with some really EXCITING news!! Have you seen the headline? Beachbody merges with MYX Fitness!

If you’re a regular reader of my (Dave) blog, you know I love cycling, so I’m SUPER excited about this turn of events.

Keep reading for an overview of the merge, some MYX bike reviews, and what it all means for Beachbody fitness and nutrition lovers.

Beachbody Merges with MYX Fitness

Beachbody LLC is preparing a three-way merger with MYX fitness and Forest Road Acquisition Company (a SPAC, or “special purpose acquisition company,” currently trading under the FRX ticker).

By using an SPAC, Beachbody’s avoiding some of the pain associated with taking a company public. Personally, I’m not too invested in the down and dirty details, I’m just SUPER excited about the merger.

The Beachbody Company will soon be the parent company to MYX Fitness. The combined value of three companies? About $3 billion dollars!

The merger should be complete in the second quarter of this year. After that, you’ll see us on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) listed as BODY. Perfect, right?

So let me tell you a little about MYX Fitness…

About MYX Fitness

MYX Fitness is an interactive cycling provider, much like Peloton, but on a more accessible level. It seems like everyone has heard of Peloton, but, in my opinion, they really should be talking about MYX Fitness.


Because the MYX Fitness bike is a GREAT exercise bike. It has a lot to offer, but the MYX bike doesn’t come with the whopping price tag of the Peloton and other internet-connected bikes.

The MYX bike is a professional-grade bike that comes with a Polar heart rate monitor. If you go for the MYX Plus package, you also get a weight set, kettlebell, and stretch band, as well as a bike mat, activity mat, and foam roller.

It’s All About the Heart Rate

Let’s talk about that Polar heart rate monitor for a sec.

The MYX system operates with Artificial Intelligence (AI) or machine learning. You input your fitness goals and you get personalized recommendations. Over time, the machine gets smarter and hones in for even more personalized recommendations.

If your goals change, the recommendations change.

How does the heart rate monitor fit in? You’ll do a calibration ride that helps the machine know you.

The calibration ride is a 20-minute guided ride that assesses your cardiovascular fitness level. Then, the proprietary algorithm uses your individual heart rate to calibrate your personal heart rate zones.

They base the heart rate zones on recommendations from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACMS).

Did you know that one of the most effective methods of training is through varying intensity?

With training based on YOUR heart rate across three PERSONALIZED heart rate zones, you’re getting an effective and efficient conditioning system.

You’ll take the ride every six weeks to recalibrate your heart rate zones so you’re getting the best recommendations for your fitness level.

You also get one-on-one coaching to foster motivation and keep you engaged. And, that’s only the beginning. This is a lifelong, LIFESTYLE program that focuses on strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and calm.

I think you can see why this company is going to fit so well into the Beachbody Family! We’re all about making lifestyle changes for a holistic approach to health and wellness.

This is a great package!!!

So, what else comes with the MYX stationary bike? Let’s take a look!

MYX Stationary Fitness Bike

One of the major differences between Peloton and the MYX Fitness bike is the training style.

With Peloton, you’re actively competing against others.

There aren’t any leader boards or live classes with the MYX stationary bike. This bike is great for people who aren’t interested in competing, but want to stay engaged and motivated to stick with an exercise program.

The bike comes with a 21.5-inch touch screen that swivels 360 degrees so you can see it from different angles and positions.

Why would you want to see it from other positions?

Because the monthly membership fee of $29.00 includes UNLIMITED access to all the classes, which includes hundreds of total-body workouts. You’ve got lots of options for working out in addition to the bike.

That membership also includes up to five profiles, so it’s great for the whole family.

The bike seat adjusts for height and depth and can hold up to 350 pounds. You can also adjust the handlebar height and depth (you can’t do this with the more expensive Peloton).

The bike works for people ranging in heights from 4’11” to 6’8”.

You can adjust the volume not only on the music, but there’s a separate volume control for the coach’s voice. If you have trouble hearing the coach over the music, you can turn up her voice only!

And, the music? You can hear a different playlist every time you work out and skip over songs you don’t like.

The workouts feature numerous music genres, including pop, top 40, hip hop, and much more. Music is so motivating when it comes to working out. I know I’m going to LOVE having so many music choices.

Another great thing about the MYX stationary bike—you don’t need special shoes. You can use regular athletic shoes or, if you like, SPD clip-ins—it’s totally up to you.

MYX Gets Great Reviews

I wanted to know a little more about the MYX fitness bike, so I took a look at some MYX fitness bike reviews.

I’m happy to say, this bike gets GREAT reviews!

LearnWithTravis MYX Bike Review

In the video below, Travis from LearnWithTravis gives an in-depth review of the MYX stationary bike.

As he rightly points out, the MYX Fitness bike fills a gap in the fitness bike industry.

You could easily find a decent bike in the $300-$900 range, but none of the bikes at that price point are connected to a fitness program; all you get is a bike.

To get connected with full access to streaming workouts before meant a jump up to the $2,000+++ price range.

The MYX bike sits squarely between the two price ranges, yet it offers a bunch of connected options. You can get in with a MYX bike at around $1,200.

There are some things you don’t get with the MYX versus a high-end connected bike, but that’s intentional.

You don’t need ALL the features a high-end bike offers, so it’s AWESOME that you can now get a connected bike with lots of features without breaking the bank.

What are some of the features you won’t see on this bike as compared to the super expensive bikes?

As Travis points out, this bike has friction-based resistance instead of magnetic resistance.

Although magnetic resistance is a little nicer, most people won’t even notice the difference. With the MYX, you can still make slight tweaks for a little harder or easier riding experience.

You can go up to 41 POUNDS of weight resistance on the pedals!

The only noticeable difference is in the sound level, but even that is negligible. As you turn the resistance up, you’ll notice a slight sound coming from the flywheel.

Here’s something the MYX has that some top-end bikes don’t have—two choices for your feet. As mentioned above, you can connect with SPD clip-ins or use regular athletic shoes.

The MYX also has multiple adjustments for seat height and depth, as well as for the handlebars. This bike has even more adjustments than some of the more expensive bikes like Peloton.

You’ll love the attached monitor on the MYX. The picture quality and overall quality is great.

You’ll also have NO problem attaching the monitor to the bike. A few easy screws and you’re done.

Speaking of monitors, when you turn this one on, you’ll get right to the proprietary software system where you’ll see tons of programming. Using filters, you can search for whatever type of workout you want.

And, the monitor swivels for easy use when you’re following along with an off-the-bike workout.

Speaking of workouts…

Do you love a one-on-one coaching environment? You’ll love the MYX classes. You’ll feel like you’re in a spa environment—just you and the coach.

Are you going for the MYX Plus package? As I mentioned, you’ll also get the dumbbells and kettlebell, as well as resistance bands.

The extras in this package help you change up your workout so you’re working more than just your biking muscles. Think of how you can combine all this with Beachbody On Demand!

The options are ENDLESS!

In talking about all the great features, Travis also mentions a couple of features you don’t have on a fitness bike at this price point.

You won’t find a resistance display or cadence display. For some folks, that might be a dealbreaker, but at this price point, most people won’t have a problem with it.

Instead, the bike comes with a heart-rate monitor, so you always know what zone you’re in—fat burning, cardio, etc.

You also won’t find an on-bike weight rack. That’s most likely because they have a swivel monitor for off-bike workouts, so you don’t really need weight racks on the bike.

But, if you love riding with weights some of the time, it could be a problem when you’re ready to put them down.

Hands down, the MYX Fitness bike is going to give you a great workout. If you want to save some money, but still have the connected experience with streaming classes, you’ve got to try this bike.

Watch Travis’ video review of the MYX bike:

Kate Kozuch MYX Bike Review

Here’s one more review for your viewing pleasure. Kate Kozuch took a shot at reviewing the MYX bike, too.

She stresses the heart-rate based workouts of which she did over 100 herself!

She did mention that she wished she could use her Apple Watch heart-rate monitor, but was fine with the Polar monitor that comes with the bike. It offers instant readings.

The heart-rate monitor is how you’ll know whether you need to scale it up or slow it down. Her favorite off-the-bike workouts were barre, yoga, and core. You can also find HIIT, targeted strength training, and more.

Kate also liked the options for the length of the classes—you can find workouts as short as five minutes or as long as an hour.

Another thing her review discusses is the one-on-one system with personalized recommendations based on your fitness level.

Like Travis, Kate enjoyed the personalized feel of the classes—it’s you and the coach, no leaderboards or competitions.

The coach motivates you and offers constant cues for what to do. And, that means you’re in for a GREAT workout!

Watch Kate’s review of the MYX bike here:

Exciting Times for Beachbody Fitness Members

You know I’ve always loved Beachbody, but these are truly exciting times for the company.

Now that you’ve read and seen some MYX bike reviews, I hope you’re as EXCITED as I am! I can’t wait to get biking. How about YOU???

I’d love to know what you think or answer any questions you have about the merger. Just click below to shoot me a message:

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