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7 Tips for Finding Fitness Accountability

Tips for Finding Fitness Accountability | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM

Tips for Finding Fitness Accountability | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM

7 Fitness Accountability Tips

Today I want to talk about a huge part of a healthy lifestyle — fitness accountability.

The thing is, most people struggle with accountability when it comes to their health and fitness goals. It’s one reason why lots of people have trouble meeting and sustaining those goals.

Do you struggle with fitness accountability? If so, I hope these seven tips will help you stay committed to working out and eating right!

#1 — Commit to a Long-Term Fitness Program

Do you want to get fit and stay fit? Then, you’ve got to commit to a health and fitness LIFESTYLE.

You’ll never sustain your health and fitness goals if the lifestyle is unsustainable.

Evidence proves that diets don’t work, but lifestyle changes DO!

That’s where a long-term fitness and nutrition program comes in. You need workouts that are accessible, easy to do from anywhere, and have a variety of programs.

This is one of the reasons Beachbody On Demand is so great. Not only does it offer top-notch, accessible workouts, but also a sustainable lifestyle program that includes exercise and nutrition.

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#2 — Get a Workout Accountability Partner

One of the easiest ways to stay on track is with a workout accountability partner.

You want to find someone who shares a similar schedule and workout interests and schedule your workouts together.

Share your goals with each other and keep each other on track. You’re much more likely to show up at the gym or each other’s houses to work out if you know your partner is there waiting for you.

I know it’s tough finding someone these days who has the same schedule and motivation to work out. It’s another one of the reasons I love Beachbody so much.

ALL of the Beachbody membership packages come with FREE COACHING!

Having a coach keeps you accountable to your health and fitness goals and teaches you how to stay committed to working out. A coach also helps you set realistic goals so you don’t get discouraged. There are many benefits to having your own personal coach!

And, another awesome benefit of Beachbody On Demand when it comes to fitness accountability are BODi groups!

#3 — BODi Groups are the BEST Source of Fitness Accountability!

Beachbody On Demand now has BODi groups—interactive groups within the streaming platform.

The technology for BODi groups is super COOL! Using your smartphone camera, you’ll see yourself on the studio screen along with other members. This lets you feel like you’re working out together, even from your own home!

BODi groups are also perfect for the trainers because it lets them correct your form in real time if you need it. Talk about accountability and motivation!

#4 — Share Your Fitness Goals

Sharing your goals with a workout partner is great, but it also helps to share your health and fitness goals with your wider community. Let your spouse, friends, and parents know what your health and fitness goals are.

Sharing your goals with work colleagues can also increase your support network. It’s not uncommon for work colleagues to start fitness challenges together.

Sharing your workout plan and fitness goals on your social media is another motivator for sticking with your plan.

#5 — Enter a Competition

Are you learning to jog or run? Do you love biking? Enter a 5k run (in person OR virtual), an obstacle course race, or a bike ride for charity.

Once you’ve entered, you’ve only got so much time to get fit before the big day. You’re going to feel great when you cross that finish line, and that’s hugely motivating.

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#6 — Make It For Money

Did you know that there are apps for helping you hit your goals? is one. It’s very straightforward…if you achieve your goal, you’ll win money; if you don’t, you’ll lose money. That’s pretty motivating!

But, of course, the Beachbody Challenge is my favorite.

In the Beachbody Challenge, all you have to do is stick with the Beachbody fitness and nutrition plans of your choice and share your story (and photos!). If you do, you have a chance of win a lot money (depending on how far you get in the competition).

We’ve had a few customers over the years compete (and win) the Beachbody Challenge. Dave coached one of his clients and it was one of the most rewarding journeys of his coaching career. Read more about the content here: Take the Beachbody Challenge!

Another way of using cash to motivate is by giving some to a friend to hold onto. If you make your goals, you earn the cash back. If not? Your friend gets to keep the cash!

Not crazy about betting for cash? Then, try something else.

Tell your spouse you’ll pick up ALL the chores for a month if you miss any of your workouts that week. Get creative and find things that motivate you to reach your goals.

#7 — Take Weekly Photos

Take a “Before” selfie photo of yourself in your underwear or workout clothes. Put it in a folder on your phone and make a note of the date and your goals.

Take a new photo on the same day every week. If you’re lifting weights, the scale is sometimes deceptive, but seeing your progress in photos is motivating.

If you’re brave, you can post the “Before” and “After” photos on social media, but that’s not for everyone (and don’t worry if it’s not for you). The cheers you’ll receive are very motivating to stick to your new lifestyle!

Contact Me for Accountability in Fitness

Accountability in fitness isn’t always easy. And, ultimately you have to be self-directed on your fitness journey. But, if you’re having trouble with accountability, try some of the above tips.

If you’re ready for a true fitness lifestyle change, check out BODi then contact me and let’s talk!

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Author: Monica

Wife, mother, former elementary school teacher, one-half of a dynamic coaching team and co-founder of the Fit Club Network. I am currently an Independent 14 Star Diamond Coach whose passionate about helping others transform their lives.

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