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Real Courage



Real Courage

Hi BODi Fit fam! ❤️ This is about the time of year that you start to see the post about the “Ifs”…

IF you had started one year ago and lost two pounds a month, you’d be 20 pounds lighter.

IF you saved this much money per day avoiding your daily Starbucks, you’d have a bunch of money saved.

I’m mainly hammering in the point that being exactly where you were last year is NOT where you want to be now. Growth is good, improvement is good!

Growth is, however, relative to each individual and sometimes very hard to measure because you have things that you fail to see actually improved.

The growth zone is known as the “Zone of Proximal Development.” It’s basically where you are right now plus one (YOUR next step).

For the purposes of today, I would like to focus on the POWER OF ONE YEAR.

In one year, you can deepen your faith, experience a huge physical accomplishment (like a marathon!), dramatically improve a relationship, see major financial growth.

You know what this does? This creates a peace of mind!

This growth is not all linear. You may have to undo some things to begin to progress. Maybe even some really hard things from removing a vice to getting honest about yourself.

I’ll give you an example…I’m approaching two years of no drinking. It started as a “Dry January” to accelerate my results from our Job1 program in 2022.

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Giving up drinking (for vanity) led to the acknowledgment of other vices and the realization that none of it was possible without God. So, I…

  • Deepened my relationship with God
  • Removed a vice
  • Stopped a lot of frivolous spending (and saved a lot of money)
  • Proved to myself that what I thought was the truth about removing alcohol was not the truth at all

This created some space for some real thinking, real results and real growth!

Some people have been declaring this for years without my ability to hear it. Some people will take many more years from now to make the same move, not open or available to hear me. Others will never, ever change.

I had one accountability partner name her healthy group “HOW SOON IS NOW?”


Will you have the courage—the REAL COURAGE—to do identify the things you need to improve and take the steps to move in that direction today?

I offer…

  • Daily accountability
  • An online platform where we commit to movement
  • One-on-one texting support
  • Annual in-person meetups at BODi hosted events (next stop: San Antonio)

All you have to do is have real courage and click the button below to contact me!

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Author: Monica

Wife, mother, former elementary school teacher, one-half of a dynamic coaching team and co-founder of the Fit Club Network. I am currently an Independent 14 Star Diamond Coach whose passionate about helping others transform their lives.

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