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6 Reasons It’s Better to Work Out at Home

6 Reasons It's Better to Work Out at Home |

6 Reasons It's Better to Work Out at Home |

6 Reasons It’s Better to Work Out at Home

So, being a Beachbody Coach, I’m a little partial to home workouts…but, it wasn’t always that way. Let me tell you seven reasons why I think it’s better to work out at home:

  1. You can work out in your PJs (or yesterday’s sweaty outfit lol). You might think I’m totally kidding, but I’m going to out myself and let you know this happens more than you might think! Unlike the gym, where everyone is checking each other out, my home is a “No Judgment Zone.” If my regular workout clothes are dirty or I just feel like wearing my baggy pajama pants and mismatched t-shirt, there is not a single thing to stop me. I’ll have you know that PJs function very well as workout clothes!
  2. It’s never crowded. Okay, it might be a bit busy at holiday time, but the rest of the time I’m the only one in my living room, the DVD player is not being used, and my equipment is right where I left it. I don’t waste a minute waiting my turn, so I get my workout business done!
  3. You know the towels are clean. They may not always be perfectly clean, but any residue left on them is mine, so my mind doesn’t have to wander to unpleasant places imagining who used them before me and what they might have touched.
  4. No one cares about your bed head. This is a BIG one for me. Having naturally curly (at times, CRAZY) hair is both a blessing and a curse. I like to work out early in the morning BEFORE my shower. Since I don’t have to show myself in public…guess what? I have bed head most of the time and I don’t have a single care about it.
  5. You can cry all you want. Sometimes I even wail…because I can. I can even cuss out Autumn when she kicks my booty with a 21 Day Fix Extreme workout and no one will come rushing to see if they should call 911 or question my sanity. I am free to express my temporary anguish as loudly as wish.
  6. You can dance like no one is watching. I used to feel like an uncoordinated dork when I couldn’t get a dance move right in my gym class. No more pressure on myself to get it right as quickly as possible. Now, I can just laugh at myself when I do Shaun T’s dance moves and it takes me 500 times to get it right. No problem…as long as I’m moving, that’s all that counts when I’m working out from home.

On a more serious note, I had two very important reasons why it was better for me to work out at home when I started doing Beachbody workouts many years ago—my two kiddos.

When I made the decision to get healthy, my youngest was just a baby and my oldest was just a few years older. In addition to being a mom, I was also a teacher—and I was already spending more time away from them than I wanted. I just wasn’t okay with leaving them in childcare longer or picking them up and immediately handing them over to the babysitters at the gym. What did work for me was getting them down for bed—or waking up before them—and working out in the living room. Now, you moms out there who can relate to what I’m saying also know that kids rarely adhere to our schedule. Having the flexibility to workout whenever I had the window of opportunity was a HUGE reason I was able to successful and undergo a major transformation. (You can read my whole story – and see the Before and After pics – here!)

Here’s a helpful breakdown of the cost of gyms vs Beachbody—Beachbody vs Gym Membership

By the way, if you think you need to go to a gym to get help with your fitness and nutrition, I will wholeheartedly disagree. Included with the purchase of every Beachbody program are detailed program guides and meal plans, FREE coaching by your assigned coach, and even live online access to trainer chats.

So, are you ready to get started and decide for yourself if it’s better for you to work out at home? Dave and I would love to coach you.

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