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Dave’s Body Beast Results (Day 30)

Body Beast Results - Day 30 |

Dave's Body Beast Results (Day 30) |

My Body Beast Results After 30 Days

While my transformation after 30 days is not as major as Adriaan K.’s, it’s also not complete. It’s only Day 30 for me and I am excited to share my Body Beast results. I’m GAINING WEIGHT!

No major surprise after a solid month of eating pancakes and an additional 1,000 calories each day. But, now I have confirmation. There is a big mental game going on while you’re on a program that has you gaining weight. At least this is so for me since I’ve been one of those people interested in losing weight and doing lots of cardio, cycling, triathlon, etc. I’ve been between 160 and 170 pounds for about six years now and it has been a little unnerving seeing the scale go up.

The Body Beast workout is a VERY different game.

So, I decided to to body fat testing to make sure I was super informed. The first test had me at 169 pounds with 13.41% body fat. After 30 days doing Body Beast, I am 174. I gained 4.2 pounds, of which 2.2 pounds was lean muscle and the rest was chub. Not bad, but not good enough. I need to start eating a lot of calories. It would be easier if I was just willing to stuff myself, but I try to eat clean as much as I can and this makes this whole project more challenging.

I fully anticipated that I’d be gaining both fat and muscle during this period and that’s what is happening. I’ve got about 30 more days to go and I expect to see similar gains. In the next phase of this program, I will try to put on five more pounds, or maybe even eight. Of course, there has to be more muscle than fat. I hope that everything is going to be fine, just as Sagi has put it together. Then, I’ll shift gears and slash calories from 3,100 to 1,800 [a little less than I normally eat] and change my macronutrients from 50% carbs to 50% protein. I expect that will be difficult, but I think it will be very effective.

I think that if I didn’t do the body fat testing, I would be very nervous at this time. It kind of freaks you out when you don’t know what the new pounds are – all muscle, partly muscle, or all fat.

So, there you go…my Body Beast resultsafter 30 days. Here’s a short video where I talk more about my results and where I’m at today:

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Father, retired attorney, cyclist (road & track), skier, surfer, recovered triathlete, half of a dynamic coaching team and co-founder of the Fit Club Network. Living my passion as an entrepreneur helping people achieve their fitness and financial goals.

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