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Insanity The Asylum

Insanity is truly a crazy workout—Insanity The Asylum is the evolution of this crazy workout. It incorporates a similar training philosophy as the original Insanity workout, but there will be less recovery and it also includes some of the equipment that’s shown in the video below. It’s absolutely insane!

We were fortunate enough to preview one of the Insanity The Asylum workouts when Shaun T put on a fitness camp in San Diego. We did two workouts that day. The first was an Asylum-type workout that was unbelievably hard. After a 90 minute break, we came back and did a strength training and core workout. Man, was I glad I took the time to fuel my body correctly! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have made it. It was also unbelievably fun.

Why Do Insanity the Asylum?

In the 30 day Insanity the Asylum program, Shaun T (a former track-and-field star) will push you to dig deeper than ever with training and drills inspired by professional athletes.

A typical exercise program will help you lose about five pounds in 30 days. Insanity The Asylum has people losing an average of 18 pounds (and some up to 30!) in 30 days. It is insane, after all.

If you stay committed to Shaun T’s workout schedule, you’ll be burning up to 1,000 calories per workout. His revolutionary meal plan was created to optimize fat loss.

I won’t mince words. It’s going to be massively challenging—but, just for 30 days. At the end, you’ll be in the best shape of your life.

Insanity the Asylum Workouts

The Insanity the Asylum DVDs include the following six workouts:

  1. Speed & Agility (45 min): Cardio drills to boost your metabolism and burn calories
  2. Vertical Plyo (40 min): A high-velocity legs and glutes workout to build muscle and trigger fat burning
  3. Relief (25 min): A stretch session to keep your metabolism going and prep your body for the next challenge
  4. Strength (50 min): A total body strength workout to help sculpt muscles
  5. Game Day (60 min): Extreme athletic training to melt fat
  6. Back to Core (45 min): A core workout to help burn belly fat

Plus, these training tools:

  • Agility Ladder: A portable ladder to build your strength and agility
  • Speed Rope: To help improve your foot speed and endurance
  • ASYLUM Workout Calendar: Schedule your workouts like a pro athlete
  • Guide Playbook: A guide to help you plan your 30-day transformation
  • Eat to Win Nutrition Plan: Meals and tips used by Shaun T
  • Chin-Up Bar: To strengthen your shoulders, back, arms, abs, and more
  • Chin-Up Assist: Increase your chin-up reps and promote muscle balance
  • Strength Bands: To add intensity to your full-body training

And, two FREE bonus workouts:

  • Sports Performance Assessment: A performance measurement tool (25 min)
  • Overtime: A 15 minute add-on to any Asylum workout (15 min)

Insanity The Asylum Volume 2

Insanity The Asylum Volume 2 is even more intense, more demanding, and infinitely more exciting than Volume 1!

The program covers 30 days of some really insane training. Most of the new moves and techniques featured in the program will push you to your limits. And, once you’ve reached that breaking point, the actual training will start because, as Shaun T says, “Until you get tired, your training hasn’t actually started!”

Insanity The Asylum Volume 2 will have you doing serious exercise that will require all of your mental and physical focus and endurance. If it’s true that “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger,” then Shaun T is on the right path to make the elite athletes out of us.

Here’s a video on the 30 day Insanity The Asylum Volume 2 program:

Back when the program was launching, Shaun T took some time off of punishing people around the country to jump on Beachbody’s national coach call. The call begins with some coaching-related stuff, but stick around to hear Shaun talk about what Insanity The Asylum Volume 2 is like:

Shaun T on Insanity The Asylum Volume 2


Buy Insanity The Asylum or Insanity The Asylum Volume 2

Why buy Insanity the Asylum through us? Because, we know Shaun T and his workouts WELL—and we'll coach you through them at no additional cost AND include you in our exclusive Insane Ward private Facebook group.

Insanity the Asylum is available on DVDs and is also included in the Beachbody on Demand library. We HIGHLY recommend going the BOD route since you get so much more bang for your buck—the Insanity The Asylum workout, plus Insanity The Asylum Volume 2 AND a bunch of other fitness and nutrition programs. (Remember, there's always a 30 day money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied so give it a try!)

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