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P90X2 FAQ |

P90X2 FAQ |


Last week, I posted a blog about a video with my pal Tony Horton discussing the differences between P90x and P90x2. It’s had lots of hits, so I know you guys are interested to hear what the Master has to say about the topic. But, I’m still getting questions from customers, so I put together this P90X2 FAQto try and answer many of them in one shot.

I’m a big fan of Top 10 lists, so I’m grateful to Steve Edwards for putting this one together. If you’re trying to decide which program is the best for you, here’s my take on Steve’s P90X2 FAQ. Hopefully, this should give you some guidance so you can choose the program that best fits your needs.

1. “P90X2 is the newest workout program, so it must be better than P90X right?”

Ah, not so quick. Just because Beachbody introduced P90X2 doesn’t mean it’s meant to replace P90X. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, it features new workouts, an updated nutritional guide, new recipes, etc., but the goal of P90X2 is to be an evolved extension of P90X. It’s designed for folks who demand more out of their bodies and more focused on athleticism. For people who need a solid workout that’s geared toward fitness and weight loss, P90X is likely the better choice.

2. “I remember reading about ‘Muscle Confusion.’ Does P90x2 have more of that?”

Oh yeah, big time. But, it also goes a little further. Tony Horton and his team are always on the cutting edge of fitness research and P90X2 is filled with the latest approach called Post Activation Potentiation (PAP). This breakthrough sports science technique pushes you right to the limit and then allows for more rest time.

3. “So, you’re telling me that P90x2 is harder?”

Sure. But, any workout program from Beachbody is going to kick your butt the first few weeks. They’re designed to challenge you. If you’re a P90Xalum, do you remember the first time you did it and couldn’t walk for a few days? P90x2 is going to repeat that experience. Until you get in the groove and really begin to settle into the program, it’s going to be tough. The point is to push you toward Muscle Confusion. But, one of the things I really enjoy about P90X2 is that it pushes me harder for five days or so, then builds in two days of rest. So, it’s doable.

4. “Do we still hit this program 6 days a week?”

Nope. As I mentioned above, P90X2 is designed for a five day rotation of butt kicking workouts. They are intense, so believe me you’ll appreciate the two days of rest.

5. “Can I still do the Lean version or Doubles?”

Beachbody went a different route with this program. Instead of more choices, you’re encouraged to spend more time in the phase that suites you. So if you are really pushing for muscle growth, hit Phase II harder. If you are working on flexibility and balance, hang out in Phase I longer. The Guidebook will outline how to adjust the program to suit your needs. You’ll see, it’s easy to tweak P90X2 to get the most out of it.

6. “What can I expect with the Nutrition Guide?”

Times have changed and diets are changing, too. Beachbody likes to stay current with nutritional research and dietary needs. You’ll see more vegan options, options for gluten free folks, and new recipes for everyone. There are more options on how to alter the diet to suit your needs, too.

7. “Hey, where’s the cardio?”

Although P90X used anaerobic training, it wasn’t really a “cardio” program. You were supplementing that with other activity. You might have thought the interval style training included cardio, but that was just because it was a tough workout. The same is true for P90X2. You’re heart rate will increase because it’s a challenging workout, but it’s not going to keep you at the sustained level to qualify as a true cardio program. But, frankly, the PAP approach seems to get my heart rate soaring so even though Beachbody doesn’t call this a cardio program, it sure feels that way to me.

8. “So do I need a bunch of new equipment?”

Nah. Okay, sure, they use a lot of cool new workout toys and you may want them just because they’re fun to have…but, really you can do P90X2 with just exercise bands and some basic furniture. Heck, you could do this work out in a hotel room if you had to. So, don’t hold back thinking you need to buy a bunch of stuff, because you don’t.

9. “You had me at ‘workout toys!’ What kind?”

If you’re like me, you get excited about new gadgets. If you really want to go all in and add to your home gym, you can pick up a few things that will really help you maximize P90x2 (and all of our other workouts, too). Here’s the list I suggest to clients all the time:

  • Resistance Bands: Free weights are awesome, but you can also do it with resistance bands. The point is to get something that gives you resistance to really push or pull your muscles.
  • Pull-Up Bar: You’ll definitely need a pull up bar. They make ones that just fit on a door frame. You’ll be glad you have it.
  • Pull-Up Assist: While you’re at it, consider investing in a pull-up assist. It gives you an edge with your form and efficiency and it’s way safer than using the back of a chair.
  • Yoga Mat: No matter how young you are, having a cushioned yoga mat under you when you’re stretching and doing some of the moves in P90X2.
  • Yoga Blocks: You’ll be wanting yoga blocks if you want to increase your reach and get some added stability.
  • Stability Ball: Stability balls are good for your core and can be used for tons of different moves. Totally worth the investment.
  • Medicine Ball: Another good way to get this core workout and stability is to go with a medicine ball. Sure you could use a basketball or other substitute, but try the real thing, it’s way better.
  • Foam Roller: This tool helps you massage your own muscles, getting them to lengthen and realign. I love my foam roller, you’ll see what I mean when you try it out.
  • Push-Up Stands: Save your wrists by investing in a pair of push up stands. They give you way more options and really enhance your workouts.

I hope these P90x2 FAQ questions have answered some of your questions. But, let’s not stop there. If you have other concerns or questions that I didn’t address here, shoot me a message. Interacting with you guys is one of my favorite parts of being a coach, so ask away! You can also learn more about the P90X workouts by clicking here:

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