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P90X Certification Training

P90X Certification |

P90X Certification |

Check Out the P90X Certification Training Program

UPDATE: In addition to P90X Certification, Beachbody now offers certification for a number of their programs so you can become an instructor and teach LIVE classes or just coach your customers better. One day certification classes are available in person in select locations and are now being offered virtually. Click the button below for more info! 

Beachbody never fails to push the envelope and bring us new paths to walk down. I’m stoked to announce that both Monica and I are now P90X Certified Trainers!

We’re honored and excited to have been in the SECOND class to participate in this amazing training opportunity. I want to go over the P90X Certification program and what I learned.  

First, let’s look at WHY you should go through the training…

A P90X Independent Review by ACE |

Why Get P90X Certified?

P90X is an extremely effective program. Of course, being a Beachbody coach, I would say this, but it’s not just me. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) completed an independent study on the program that carries a lot of weight.

The study provides plenty of technical data for you analysts out there. While the science comforts me, I don’t claim to understand it all. What I know is that P90X worked for me.

It taught me how to eat and how to train. I believe in functional fitness—I’m not the sort of person that exercises because I want a six pack, I’m the sort of person that wants to ride my bike 50 miles or surf on my stand up paddleboard for 90 minutes without too much struggle.

Before P90X I was well on my way to being a broken old man at age 37 due to an ACL injury. After P90X, I realized that the limits of my fitness were self imposed. Now, I realize that if I want to get faster on my bike or be a better surfer—and avoid injuries, I need to maintain my physical fitness.

P90X makes that easy. The workouts are challenging every time I do them, which is important to me. I want to feel like I did something significant for my body after I exercise.

The conclusion of the study is interesting—here’s the bottom line:

“There’s no doubt that if people want to get into shape, the best way to do it is with high-intensity, interval-training like you’re seeing here with P90X,” says Dr. Porcari. “The muscle confusion—that’s one of the biggest draws because you don’t get bored, you’re doing a lot of different workouts in a different sequence and your body never gets a chance to plateau.

“When it comes to your muscles and your cardiovascular system, if you break them down, they bounce back stronger,” continues Porcari. “But they kind of get used to any chronic stimulus, so by doing things differently you’re just constantly challenging the muscles and cardiovascular system to respond and improve.”

Porcari’s fellow researcher, Joel Woldt, M.S., agrees:

“If you do P90X, at least the four workouts I’ve tested, and if you do it to the best of your ability,” he says, “there’s no way you’re not going to get results.”

Based on this P90X independent review, it’s highly likely this program will work for your customer and, with a P90X certification, you’ll be much more effective coach.

Who Can Get P90X Certified?

You might be surprised to learn that the P90X Certification training is open to everyone—NOT just Beachbody Coaches. It’s geared for anyone who wants to be able to teach any of the P90X workouts in a live class setting.

What Are the Benefits of P90X Certification?

Tony Horton’s P90X workouts are incredibly popular because they deliver results. As a P90X Instructor, you’ll be able to teach a live class or help your one-on-one customers achieve even more amazing results.

Beachbody’s Master P90X Trainers deliver the following to you in the one-day training program:

  • In person training to teach you how to cue all the moves, improve your own form and motivate your participants.
  • Group practice with real-time feedback
  • All the music and moves you need to teach your own 30, 45 or 55 minute class
  • Ways to motivate your participants
  • Modifications to adapt all of the moves for people of all fitness levels
  • Digital P90X Instructor Manual
  • Official Instructor Certificate that authorizes you to teach P90X LIVE classes anywhere
  • Be eligible to join the PRO Team and get exclusive access to new moves, music, marketing tools, etc.

P90X Certification Training Video

P90X Certification Program Testimonial

Ellen D.—”The participants in my P90X LIVE classes love the use of weights because it leaves them feeling stronger and more confident! They love seeing the increased definition in their bodies!”

What I Learned in the P90X Certification Program

Uh, to say I learned A LOT is an understatement—my P90X training is going to change!

I’ve always understood the difference between training for cardiovascular endurance and muscle bulk. I’m really a cardio guy, which feeds into my cycling and triathlon training and keeps me lean. But, it would be a mistake for me to ignore the neuromuscular adaptations that are possible.

One of the key takeaways from the P90X Certification training for me was “time under tension” (TUT).

TUT is basically a way of describing the time your muscles are under a given stress. Building muscular strength and power requires a shorter TUT, while building muscular endurance and cardiovascular strength requires a longer TUT. Both adaptations are important to me, and I get a lot of cardio done while I’m on the bike and during my triathlon training, but what I’m really looking for is endurance.

I’m really excited to get going with my training and apply what I learned in the program. I know it’s going to make me a better athlete and a better coach!

Click on the button below to learn more about P90X Certification Training—either live or virtual!

P90X Certification Program Information


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