P90X and Triathlon Training Plans

2012 Superfrog Triathlon Race Report | TheFitClubNetwork.com
2012 Superfrog Triathlon Race Report | TheFitClubNetwork.com


Hi, Coach Dave Ward here to help you out a little bit with P90X and triathlon training.

My first year in triathlon was 2008—by 2009, I was addicted and decided to take on the Half-Ironman Distance Superfrog Triathlon, sponsored and run by the U.S. Navy SEALs. I have done a lot of races, mostly Olympic distance, but this was a whole different level of commitment and work…and, one of the craziest days of my life.

P90X and triathlon go hand in hand. I’ve done a lot of strength training using P90X, P90X+, and Shaun T’s Insanity and I created the following two triathlon training plans:

  1. A 14 week training plan for an Olympic distance race (that includes a 1,500m swim, 40k bike ride and 10k run) and incorporates P90X.
  2. The customized training plan I used to train for my 2009 triathlon that focuses on the run (my weak point) and includes a variety of races (running, swimming and a sprint triathlon).

All of this stuff predated Shaun T’s Insanity, which is a cardio-based conditioning program that uses Max Interval Training. In my opinion, it’s the best sports conditioning cross-training there is. My heart rate levels have increased dramatically since I first did Insanity and every time I revisit the program my performance gets better.

There is no way to simulate race day conditions—that’s part of the fun, right?

Feel free to tweak these plans to meet your needs. And, find some local races and mix them into the plan.

Most of my strength training comes from yoga. Also, swimming and cycling make the shoulders very tight and cycling and running make the hips tight. The stretching that you do in yoga can really help to combat this, as well as relax your body and center your mind.

Something else to focus on—NUTRITION. This is a topic we discuss regularly here at The Fit Club Network as it has a HUGE impact on your overall health. I highly recommend you consider doing the following to address this important component of your training:

My friend and fellow Team Beachbody Coach, Ryan Chapman is another excellent resource for information on P90X and triathlon training. If you’re doing any endurance training, you’ll definitely want to check out Ryan’s blog for more great resources and training tips. Here’s one post that you don’t want to miss:


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