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Pro Surfer Evan Valiere Uses Insanity

Pro Surfer Evan Valiere Uses Insanity |


Pro Surfer Evan Valiere Uses Insanity

It’s pretty exciting to know that pro surfer Evan Valiere uses Insanity! It really doesn’t get much harder than Insanity: The Asylum. Unless, of course you’re Evan.

Sponsored by Hurley, Evan Valiere uses Beachbody’s Insanity: The Asylum workout to stay in top shape. When the biggest swells roll through the Pacific, Valiere is ready.

Here is Evan talking about how he uses Insanity: The Asylum to take his surfing to the next level:

I’m not a big wave surfer. Let’s face it, I’m an middle-aged guy on a stand up paddle board. But, I LOVE surfing. It’s one of the great passions of my life. When the waves get big around here, I rely on my fitness to get me back to the shore safely and to allow me to have some fun and catch a few waves without drowning.

Hawaiian and Pro Surfer Evan Valiere wants to be at the top of the surfing game. Living in the middle of the Pacific certainly has its perks, especially if you are a pro and need those temperamental waves in order to train. But, it also has its drawbacks. There aren’t many high level training facilities or private coaches there, but Evan gets the most dynamic training there is from his laptop courtesy of Shaun T.

Surfers need to be quick, flexible, strong, agile and focused—all at the same time! Surfing is a physically demanding sport where you need to bend, go up, extend, twist, and jump. Insanity: The Asylum teaches these exact skills.

Also, Evan says that the real training – in both surfing and Insanitybegins when you are tired. You are standing on the surfing board with a huge wave hovering above you. It’s often a matter of life and death. Do you have enough strength in you to defeat the wave? This is the ideal moment to start pushing harder – this is when you develop as a person and an athlete. Same is true with Insanityand most sports, in fact.

Insanity: The Asylum is probably one of the most extensive and diverse training programs many athletes can highly benefit from. I could not agree more with Evan on this.

You may not be a surfer. That doesn’t matter. There’s something you love doing. (If you don’t, start looking, because having a sport or activity that motivates you is the cornerstone of any good fitness journey.) The bottom line—if you play at ANYTHING, Insanity: The Asylum can make you better at it.

If you purchase Insanity: The Asylum (or any Beachbody program), I will coach you for free. Sound good? Then c’mon, let’s get started! Here’s what you do:

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