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Les Mills Combat Program

Les Mills Combat Program |

Les Mills Combat Program |

Les Mills Combat

UPDATE: Beachbody and Les Mills are no longer affiliated so this post is purely nostalgic.

Les Mills Combat is a powerful new Beachbody in-home fitness program designed for extreme body transformation that is now available for pre-order. It combines martial arts–inspired workouts and high intensity interval training to maximize body fat loss and get you ripped.

Les Mills Body Combat Trainer Dan Cohen and Coach Dave Ward |

Dave and Les Mills Body Combat trainer Dan Cohen

The Secret behind the Les Mills Combat Workout

Les Mills Combat combines moves from karate, Taekwondo, boxing, muay thai/kickboxing, capeoira, and jiu jitsu. They are choreographed in escalating sequences—going from controlled to dynamic, then building to vigorous high-speed combos. As your workouts increase in intensity, all of your body’s energy systems are maxed resulting in a tremendous calorie burn both during and after your workout. That means rapid weight loss and body sculpting if you stay with the fight!

The History of Les Mills Combat

Les Mills Combat is based on the internationally successful BodyCombat group exercise class by Les Mills. At the time this post was written, Les Mills was on the 53rd version of BodyCombat. One of the best things they do is to effectively combine music with their workouts. Here’s a little sizzler video from the BodyCombat 53 group fitness class:

Les Mills Combat Content

Content depends on which package you select. You have three choices at three different pricing levels.

Les Mills Combat Base Package ($59.85)

The Les Mills Combat Base Package comes with seven body-shredding workouts:

  • The Basics. Master the techniques and martial arts moves, guards, and stances you’ll use in all the workouts.
  • Kick Start. Introduces you to the basic low complexity/high intensity combination moves.
  • Power Kata. A combination of speed and power with cross-training for serious calorie scorching.
  • Extreme Cardio Fighter. A repetitive sequence of moves that will test your endurance.
  • Ultimate Warrior’s Workout. This workout hits every muscle hard in your upper body, legs and butt, and core.
  • Power Hiit 1. High Intensity Interval Training (HITT) uses short bursts of max effort followed by recovery to push you into overload.
  • Shock Plyo Hiit 2. Propulsion exercises to improve your power and endurance and push you into peak performance mode.

You’ll also get these tools:

  • “Stay with the Fight” Fitness Guide. A 60-day calendar that includes training tips to maximize results.
  • “Eat Right for the Fight Nutrition Guide. A detailed eating plan that helps you burn fat, regulate blood sugar, and reduce your appetite.
  • Tape Measure and Measurement Tracker. Tools to help you track and measure your progress and body transformation.

Plus, two FREE bonuses:

  • Les Mills Combat 30: Live. Shot live in the UK, this class is designed to get your arms, shoulders, and upper back leaner, while delivering explosive leg training and intense cardio to kickstart your metabolism.
  • Online Support. FREE access to fitness experts, peer support, and extra motivation.

Les Mills Combat Deluxe Package ($89.95)

The Les Mills Combat Deluxe package comes with everything you get in the Base package, plus:

  • Training Gloves. Engage more muscles in your arms, so you can punch harder and maximize your workout and calorie burn.

Les Mills Combat Ultimate Warrior Package ($119.70)

The Les Mills Combat Ultimate Warrior Package is the one that’s on the way to my doorstep! You’ll get everything in the Deluxe package, plus the following four workouts:

  • Core Attack. Integrated and isolated exercises to give you ultimate core strength, while chiseling and shredding a serious six-pack.
  • Inner Warrior: Stretch and Strength. Martial arts–based strength and flexibility training to improve balance, coordination, and strength.
  • Warrior Workout 1: Upper Body Blowout. Weighted and body resistance moves to sculpt and define your upper body.
  • Warrior Workout 2: Lower Body Lean Out. Strengthen and lengthen your lower body with this athletic/mixed martial arts workout.

Get Coached for FREE

Monica and I are both P90X Certified Team Beachbody Coaches. We have been working out with Beachbody products since 2003, and are passionate about helping people achieve their goals. We want to help you get to yours! Click HERE to sign up with us as coaches before you get Les Mills Combat!

Author: Dave

Father, retired attorney, cyclist (road & track), skier, surfer, recovered triathlete, half of a dynamic coaching team and co-founder of the Fit Club Network. Living my passion as an entrepreneur helping people achieve their fitness and financial goals.

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