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Insanity Protein Omelet Recipe

Insanity Protein Omelet Recipe |


Insanity Protein Omelet Recipe

Three years ago, my cooking skills were limited to pushing buttons on a microwave. Today, I’m making meals! Go me. Today I’m going to walk you through making one of the more advanced meals in the Insanity Nutrition Guide- the Insanity Protein Omelet recipe.

Both Monica and I are doing the Insanity program. I am on Day 12 and Monica is on Day 2. Our plan is to cook for one another and film as many videos as we can. Fortunately, the Insanity recipes are super easy to follow. They’re also healthy and all the nutritive components are evenly balanced throughout the course of five meals a day.

This morning I had Shakeology for breakfast and Monica had a protein berry smoothie. After two hours of surfing, I feel I could eat a horse, so the high protein Insanity Protein Omelet recipe is perfect. You’ll find the recipe on page 26 of the Nutrition Guide.

Insanity Protein Omelet Recipe

Since I’ll be cooking for the two of us, I doubled all the ingredients from the recipe. Here’s what I used:

  1. (2) eggs [due to their high protein, eggs are great for your body especially for the post-exercise recovery phase]
  2. (6) egg whites
  3. (4) ounces chopped sliced turkey
  4. Slices of colored peppers [the recipe calls for mushrooms, but since I am not a big fan of mushrooms, I’ll be using peppers]

I’m also including a slice of whole wheat toast for Monica, half of avocado for me to accompany the omelet, and some strawberries for after the meal.

A couple last bits of advice before we get started – use organic eggs whenever you can. Also, use coconut oil. It’s excellent for your body as it contains healthy saturated fats and it has a higher smoke point, so it won’t fill up your kitchen with smoke even when you’re cooking on high temperatures. It’s also tastes good.

Making the omelet is pretty straightforward. First, add some oil to the pan and cook the veggies until they soften up a bit. Add the sliced turkey, ground it up and and cook for a while. Before adding the eggs and egg whites, it is important to lower the temperature. Proceed as you would with the regular omelet. That’s it!

Here’s a short video explaining how to make the Insanity Protein Omelet recipe and the proof that it actually worked:

Be sure and check out our other recipes. Most of them can cross over between different programs and are easily adaptable. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any nutrition questions. And, don’t miss our Insanity Resources…we put these together to help YOU succeed on this awesome program.

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