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How Reactive vs Proactive Language Affects Your Success

How Reactive vs Proactive Language Affects Your Success |


How Reactive vs Proactive Language Affects Your Success

Coach Dave and I are committed to a daily dose of personal development, usually first thing in the morning. Why? Because it is an essential component in success – in every aspect of our lives. Today, my daily dose came from Stephen Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Habit #1 has to do with being proactive and talks about reactive vs proactive language. It got me thinking about how our self talk affects our ability to succeed with the 21 Day Fix (or any other health and fitness program).

According to Stephen Covey, highly effective people choose to be proactive—in both life and language. They look for alternatives. They take different approaches. They aren’t controlled by their feelings. They choose appropriate responses. They DO.

To be successful with the 21 Day Fix, or any fitness program, you have to be conscious of your thoughts because thoughts become things.

The Difference Between Reactive vs Proactive Language

Here’s the difference between reactive vs proactive language.

Reactive Language

People speaking reactively about a fitness and nutrition program sound like this:

  • “I can’t eat this.”
  • “I won’t eat that.”
  • “I’m too busy to work out.”
  • “I don’t have time to do food prep.”
  • “There’s nothing I can do.”
  • “It’s just the way I am.”

Here are some actual reactive comments that real people made on my 21 Day Fix ad:

  • “Takes way too much time and seems unrealistic to follow unless you are single and don’t have children.”
  • “The book that comes with the kit is not very helpful. I looked at it & put it all back in the box. They need to give you meal ideas etc.”
  • “I already have the program but will admit it’s overwhelming to meal prep.”
  • “The food is just difficult to figure out.”
  • “Seems complicated.”

Proactive Language

People speaking proactively about a fitness and nutrition program sound like this:

  • “I got this!”
  • “I’m going to make a list of the foods I like from the 21 Day Fix food list.”
  • “I will only eat my allotted containers.”
  • “I will make planning and prepping my meals a priority.”
  • “For 21 days, I choose to make every decision a good decision.”
  • “I know what I’m going to eat.”
  • “I’m committed to working out every day.”
  • “No outside forces will deter me from my success!”

Here are some actual proactive comments made by real people on the 21 Day Fix ad:

  • “I found it pretty easy. And I have a husband who is doing the meal plan and two kids.”
  • “I put in about 30+ hours to figure this out, and I have 4 other people that I provide for. I eventually got it, planned my meals for each day for all 21 days. It was a little hard at first, but after 21 days, I lost an additional 11 pounds and a total of 17 inches all around. I totally believe in this program. I reached my goal weight and down 3 sizes. Give it a chance!”
  • “I am a mother of two and my youngest child is three. I am BUSY but i made time a couple times a week to meal plan, its not hard. If i can do it anyone can. You have to put in a little effort. 80% of results are diet alone. I lost 12lbs in 21 days. It is a lifestyle change, plan ahead, eat right. It took the guess work out of everything!”
  • “It’s actually one of the easiest plans I’ve ever done.”
  • “It’ll work if you want it to, lifestyle change is key..being prepared and having the right attitude.”
  • “Just started the program! I love it. It helps if your determined to get to your goal. I do get hungry sometimes.. Drinking water helps!”
  • After starting off reactively, I’m thrilled that this woman rallied…”I gave up as well but then I gave it a 2nd try and make the same meals all week and prepped. Now that I got the hang of it I switched it up. Love this program!!”

Is Your Language Reactive or Proactive?

When you see it written down like this, it’s really clear, isn’t it? Excuses versus proactive action.

Now, I want you to take a hard and honest look at your own language. Is it reactive or proactive? What influences your language?

Fixing reactive language is simple, but NOT easy. Be conscious. Listen to yourself. Do more of what influences you to speak proactively and less of what influences you to speak reactively.

I will tell you this – the people you surround yourself have a HUGE impact on your language, so be selective! Build a tribe that is positive, supportive and proactive. Leave the ones who drag you down or distract you from your goals behind.

I hope this all helps you understand the power of reactive vs proactive language when it comes to success with your health and fitness journey—really, ALL areas of your life. I also hope you’ll make it a priority to start giving yourself the gift of a daily dose of personal development! Trust me, the rewards are exponential.

Get Help with the 21 Day Fix

Did you notice how often food prep came up in the proactive comments above? That’s because food prep is key to success with ANY nutrition program. As the comments also make clear – it IS totally doable EVEN IF you have a busy family. It’s about making your health and fitness a top priority—and proactively going after your goal.

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