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Coach Dave’s Insanity Max 30 Review

Coach Dave's Insanity Max 30 Review |


Coach Dave's Insanity Max 30 Review |


Coach Dave’s Insanity Max 30 Review

I love a good workout challenge. I’ve done all of Shaun T’s workouts and, I’ll be honest, most of them are butt kickers and not for the faint of heart (hence the frequent use of the word “insanity”). But, he did something a little different this time—I’m passing along my Insanity Max 30 Review, because this program is definitely an option for a wider range of folks.

About Insanity Max 30

With Insanity Max 30, Shaun T has figured out how to make intense work-outs accessible to folks that are just starting out. Okay, yes, Insanity Max 30 still earns the “Insanity” title, but this time around it’s because it gives completely ridiculous results.

The program includes 12 killer cardio sessions and Tabata strength workouts. You’ll see tons of new moves that will push your body further than you thought you could go. The best part—workouts are just 30 minutes!

True to Shaun T form, the program uses your own body as a tool—yep, that’s right, there are no weights or equipment. It has 160 brand new moves and includes a low-impact modifier for those of you recovering from injuries (like me).

So, what’s difference between his Insanity programs and Insanity Max 30?

The workout is intense. Pretty much nobody makes it through the first time—it’s that tough. Shaun T made it so challenging that even HE had to practice for months to get it through it. Rather than me tell you how it’s different, here’s what Shaun T had to say:


Here’s what’s different about this workout: you’ll start the 30 minute work-out and push yourself until you’re at your limit, when your muscles are rubber and you can’t catch your breath, you’ll know you’re completely “maxed out.” When you start that might be two minutes in, maybe you make it four. But that’s a success, believe me!

The next day, you’ll push just a little farther. Even if it’s only thirty seconds more, it’s a win and has you headed in the right direction. Each day you hit your new “max” and be that much closer to the fitness level you desire. Before you know it, you’ll be looking and feeling great.” | SHAUN T, Insanity creator

Can Beginners Do Insanity Max 30?

As I said above, Shaun T’s older workouts are so challenging that a typical person had little hope of having any degree of success with them. They were really targeted at hard core (insane) fitness seekers.

Then, he released Cize and we found out that the man can dance AND have fun when he works out.

Now, there’s Insanity Max 30. It’s a game changer. It works for beginners because you give it your ultimate effort until you’re at YOUR max. The next day, you go a little father—and so on. As long as you’re pushing further every day, you’ll see results and feel your own confidence build with it.

You definitely want to consult your physician before beginning this (or any high-intensity and physically demanding) program. You’re going to get the best results with a combination of fitness AND nutrition.

Insanity Max 30 Testimonials

Here are some people who did Insanity Max 30 and had great things to say about it:

“I feel I am a serious athlete but Insanity Max 30 has pushed me to a new level for all my sports! I was in shape but needed someone to push my core work and Shaun T is THE MAN. He is incredibly motivating. This is def not a beginner program but it will improve your performance in all your sports.” JellyK from Anchorage

“I started Insanity Max 30 and I love it. Its amazing how much you can see your progress build. I love how there is a modified person for people like me to take it slow and then build up until you are ready to do it like Shaun T does.” Lovee2Modify from San Antonio

“If you want results in just 30 minutes, this is the way to go. I have felt my entire core strengthen an unbelievable amount in this 60 day program, and feel like I’ve worked harder in these 30 minute workout than some hour long workouts in other programs.” Kate

“I completed Insanity Max 30!! As long as you’re fully committed to the workouts and nutritional guidelines, you won’t be disappointed. I’ve always been active with a decent eating habit. My awesome mom and I did the workout and loved the results so much that we are going back through it for a second time to beat our old max out times! I lost 12 lbs.” Flyin Hawaiian from Vancouver, WA

Insanity Max 30 Results

If you’re a visual person, you gotta check out these Insanity Max 30 before and after shots. You can see the obvious results in everyone’s body—more importantly, is the boost in confidence. These are real people, folks…just like you.



Insanity Max 30 Contents

Like all of Shaun T's programs, any Beachbody product really, Insanity 30 comes with plenty of elements, each perfectly designed to push you to your max and get you to your goal.

Here's all that you get:

  • Max Out Guide—A simple book that shows you how to get maximum results with the program. Think of it as a cheat sheet that you can reference quickly.
  • Max Out Wall Calendar and Tracker—This is an “at-a-glance” calendar you can hang on your wall that helps you how to move through the various programs.
  • Nutrition to the Max Guide—There is no sense working your butt off then eating the wrong foods that end up undermining your progress. This quick and simple guide will show you the types of fuel your body needs to reach a new level each day with the program.
  • No Time to Cook Guide—This handy guide gives you some great tips on eating on-the-go, everything from what to hit at the grocery store to a fancy restaurant.
  • The Workouts
    • Cardio Challenge—30 straight minutes of new complex moves that will have you working your butt off. Push yourself a little further each time until you can handle the entire half-hour.
    • Sweat Intervals—Designed to have your clothes dripping, the Sweat Intervals work-out is super intense and burns calories like you wouldn’t believe.
    • Tabata Power—Using your body weight as resistance, this 20 seconds on/10 seconds off power workout will have you reaching your max time quickly. But don’t worry, there’s always tomorrow.
    • Max Out Strength—This workout is all about your upper body, hitting your arms, shoulders, chest and core. The Tabata-style routine of 45 seconds on/15 seconds off is perfect for pushing your upper body to the max.
    • Friday Fight: Round 1—Got some aggression to take out? You’ll be fighting between your own will and your muscle fatigue with this great workout. Each day, you’ll max out your ability and get just a bit further.
    • Friday Fight: Round 2—Ready for Round two? Bring your fierce boxing move with this intense workout that has each move repeating for a minute of intensity. It’s the ultimate challenge between you and your mind.
    • Max Out Cardio—Okay, folks, this is where the rubber meets the road. There are some moves in this workout that just kicked my butt. When I got to the Power Move, I had to really push myself. Remember, every day you’ll get a little bit further into this workout.
    • Max Out Sweat—Everyone knows that sweat equals calories burned. This workout is designed to get you maxed out quickly so you’re at the muscle exhaustion phase sooner.
    • Max Out Power—Another Tabata-style workout that uses intervals to will push you to your limit. This style of plyometric exercise is designed to get you to the maxed out phase faster so you’ll get faster results.
    • Tabata Strength—Not for the faint hearted, Shaun T takes the Tabata strength workout and pushes it for 30 minutes without a rest. Yep, no rests at all. You’ll want to work up to this one!
    • Bonus Workouts—If these weren’t enough, Shaun threw in a couple bonus workouts for you. You’ll get Pulse, which is a solid recovery workout filled with low impact stretches and small pulsing movements that will push you a little harder while recovering. He also included Ab Attack: 10, which is just what it sounds like—a 10 minute ab session that will have you seeing definition in no time.

Just like all Beachbody programs, Insanity Max 30 comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your results within 60 days, all you have to do is call them to get a Return Authorization to return the program for a full refund of the purchase price (less s&h).

Honestly, the best way to get this program is through the On Demand All Access membership. For one annual fee, you'll get digital access to Insanity Max 30 and a BUNCH of other programs and special features. Definitely check it out—Beachbody On Demand Membership.

Free Insanity Max 30 Coaching

I hope my Insanity Max 30 review convinced you to give this excellent program a chance. Whether you're a beginner or novice, I would love to coach you through the program. It's included in the purchase price—whether you buy the DVDs or you get it through your On Demand membership. Click below to get signed up for our FREE coaching program:

Get FREE Fitness & Nutrition Coaching!


Author: Dave

Father, retired attorney, cyclist (road & track), skier, surfer, recovered triathlete, half of a dynamic coaching team and co-founder of the Fit Club Network. Living my passion as an entrepreneur helping people achieve their fitness and financial goals.

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