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Morning Meltdown 100 Nutrition Plan Info & Tips

Morning Meltdown 100 Nutrition Plan | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM

Morning Meltdown 100 Program Info & Tips | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM

Morning Meltdown 100 Nutrition Plan Info & Tips

I am LOVING Beachbody’s new Morning Meltdown 100 program!!! Maybe you’re like me…I do best with programs that have a start and end date, because they help me set (and ACHIEVE 🙌🏻) short-term goals AND add variety to my fitness to prevent boredom. In this post, I share a bit about the exercise part of the program and LOTS about the Morning Meltdown 100 Nutrition Plan (including a sneaky peek at some of the recipes that come with the program), plus I’ll answer some FAQs and pass along some helpful tips.

What is Morning Meltdown 100?

Morning Meltdown 100 is a new (as of September 2019!) Beachbody program by Super Trainer Jericho McMatthews. It’s designed to be done in the morning, so you can start your day feeling a sense of accomplishment and totally energized.

The program includes 100 unique workouts, all just 20-30 minutes long so they are totally doable even for we busy ones—PLUS, a meal plan and cookbook.

The workouts combine cardio, weight training AND recovery and, best of all, they are done to music played by a live DJ. It seriously feels like the fun group workouts we do at our annual Beachbody Summit! SO FUN!!!

Here’s how Morning Meltdown 100 works:

  • Choose a plan based on your personal goals
  • Decide whether you want to maintain or lose weight and choose the appropriate plan from the Nutrition Guide. (This will lay out what you’ll be eating every day!)
  • Choose the recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks from the Morning Meltdown cookbook (You can TOTALLY substitute breakfast, lunch, or dinner recipes for each of your three daily meals. I’ll talk about this more later!)

It’s really up to you—do you want a major transformation, lose those stubborn 10-15 pounds, or maintain your weight? Whatever your goal, Morning Meltdown 100 has all the tools you need to reach it.

If you’re going for weight loss, I will let you know now that the Morning Meltdown workouts are not enough. Sure, you’ll burn calories, but the workouts are mostly designed to improve your cardiovascular system and tone your muscles. To lose weight, you need to follow the Morning Meltdown 100 nutrition plan.

The Morning Meltdown 100 Nutrition Plan

Morning Meltdown 100 Nutrition Plan | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COMWe’ve covered this concept a lot in this blog for YEARS — diet is the MOST important aspect of the weight loss process. Here’s one blog post where we cover this topic—You Can’t Out Exercise a Bad Diet

In short, it all boils down to what you eat and how much of it you eat. The ultimate goal is to eat nutrient dense single ingredient foods (AKA whole food nutrition) AND end the day at a calorie deficit. THIS IS THE SECRET TO LOSING WEIGHT! (As much as people like to complicate it, it’s really as simple as this. But, “simple” does not mean “easy.”)

The Morning Meltdown 100 Nutrition Plan is SIMPLE (which is key!). It’s based on the healthy meals and snacks recipes in the cookbook. There’s no calorie counting or food containers, just whole foods (protein, fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds, and healthy fats).

Since you’ll be using the recipes, it’s not as flexible as the 21 Day Fix portion control system. (If you’re not interested in this eating plan, scroll down to the FAQ where I talk about using the 21 Day Fix/Portion Fix or 2B Mindset instead.)

There are 60 Morning Meltdown 100 recipes separated into these nine categories:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snack
  • “Super” Snack
  • Shakeology
  • Shakeology Snack
  • Shakeology “Super” Snack
  • Shakeology Meal Replacements

All of the recipes are about 400 calories per serving and have a similar macro-nutrient breakdown so, as I touched on above, you can eat breakfast for dinner, dinner for lunch, lunch for dinner—whatever makes you happy!

Here’s a little sneaky peak at some of the recipes:

Morning Meltdown 100 FAQs

Here are some questions that I get asked a lot:

First of all, let’s get away from using the word “diet.” To Beachbody and me, DIET is a dirty word! One of the reasons I am a Beachbody Coach is because of the company’s philosophy—the goal is to live a healthy lifestyle, not damage your body (and mind) by yo-yo dieting.

Now, back to the question! NO, you will not starve IF you follow the plan and have patience during the learning curve.

On the Morning Meltdown 100 nutrition plan, you’ll be eating a well-balanced diet of fruits, veggies, meats, etc., that will provide your body with the fuel and nutrients it needs to sustain your energy, build muscle and burn fat.

Beachbody suggests that it’s going to take 1-2 weeks for your body to adjust to the new eating plan. If you’ve been eating really poorly for awhile, it could take longer because your body is used to empty calories. Most people transition easily.

If you find yourself really struggling because you’re starving, add a healthy snack. You can use one of the snack recipes, a BeachBar or a Shakeology.

YES! But, you will have to be prepared. ALL healthy eating plans take forethought, planning and prep and the Morning Meltdown Nutrition Plan is no different.

I have a lot of tips in this post and throughout my website, so taking the time to get educated here will pay off in future time savings.

It’s important to make the mindshift that taking time to take care of ourselves is NOT selfish or optional. It’s an investment in our health and life, which becomes MORE important when we have loved ones we want to be here for!

Each recipe in the Morning Meltdown 100 Nutrition Plan is coded for different types of diets, such as gluten-free, vegan, etc.).

At the same grocery store you shop at now! I do recommend that you start committing to organic foods whenever possible.

NO! That’s one of the things I love about this program—it’s EASY. You do not have to count calories, it’s all about the breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes in the Nutrition Guide.

YES! And, you can even add some lowfat milk, small amounts of raw sugar, honey, maple syrup or stevia, and things like cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice.

YES! You can totally use the MM 100 recipes with the 21 Day Fix/Portion Fix or 2B Mindset nutrition programs. If you’re currently doing one of these programs and you’re happy with them, keep doing it!

The Morning Meltdown eating plan is most like the Ultimate Portion Fix, so just be sure and adjust your expectations if you’re being more lenient.

Coach Monica’s Morning Meltdown 100 Tips

Morning Meltdown 100 Recipes: Slow Cooker Tacos | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COMTip #1: Plan & Prep Your Meals

Planning and prepping are your key to nutritional success! If our food isn’t ready when we’re hungry, we’re MUCH more likely to cheat.

Pick a day of the week that you’ll dedicate a couple hours to planning, shopping and prepping and PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR. I love Sundays because they’re my quietest days, which helps me stay consistent. Choose the best time that works for YOU.

Here’s what you’ll do during this time:

  1. Go through the recipes and choose what you’ll be making during the following week
  2. Make a meal plan using these recipes
  3. Make your grocery list

You do NOT need to make a different recipe for each meal every day of the week! Seriously, you’ll burn out!!! I suggest picking just 2-3 of each meal and rotating them throughout the week.

By saving the meals plans you created in Step 2, you save even more time!

Morning Meltdown 100 Meal Tracking | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COMTip #2: Pay attention to how you feel and adjust your weekly meal plan accordingly.

One of the biggest lessons I learned when I started doing the 21 Day Fix right after it launched was how to properly allot my food.

When I first started, I was starving—but, instead of giving up, I paid attention and quickly figured out that if I ate certain things at specific meals, I didn’t feel hungry at all. I wrote a post about this because it made such a difference in my experience—My Ideal 21 Day Fix Container Allotment

The Morning Meltdown 100 guide will help you with this as well.

Bag of Packaged Lettuce | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COMTip #3: Take advantage of HEALTHY pre-prepped foods.

These days, there are lots of healthy pre-prepped foods in the grocery stores—especially my favorite store, Trader Joe’s!

Here are some guilt-free shortcuts:

  • Pre-washed/cut bags or containers of salad greens, fruits and veggies
  • Frozen fruit and veggies
  • Pre-cooked brown rice or quinoa
  • Pre-cooked chicken (rotisserie, grilled breasts, etc.)
  • Pre-cut onions
  • Pre-prepped garlic, ginger, basil, cilantro, etc. (Trader Joe’s has several of these in jars and the frozen section!)

Tip #4: Double the recipes & freeze the extra portions.

This is a HUGE time saver. It’s super simple to double a recipe and super awesome to pull out healthy home cooked food from the freezer on food prep day!

Morning Meltdown 100 Recommended Supplements | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COMTip #5: Use Beachbody supplements!

There are three recommended supplements to use with the Morning Meltdown 100—Shakeology, Energize and Recover. They’re recommended because they make your life easier, help you feel better, and maximize your results.

Shakeology is a superfood shake that 1) gives your body the nutrition it needs to maximize healthiness, 2) increases energy, 3) reduce cravings, and 4) has been clinically proven to help people lose weight faster. It can be used to replace breakfast, lunch, or dinner OR as a snack. It’s convenient and delicious and is literally my healthiest meal of the day. Learn more about Shakeology here.

Energize is a pre-workout drink that will boost your energy, help you focus better, and improve your performance. Learn more about Energize here.

Recover is a post-workout drink that improves soreness after exercising, muscle recovery, and muscle growth. Learn more about Recover here.

How Do I Buy Morning Meltdown 100?

The first thing you need is a Beachbody on Demand membership.

If you’ve already got one, here are your options for accessing Morning Meltdown 100, just make sure you have Shakeology and Energize/Recover too and just wait until October 1, 2019, for the program to be added to the library.

If you don’t have BOD yet, here are your options for getting a one year Morning Meltdown Beachbody on Demand membership:

Want Me to Be Your Morning Meltdown 100 Coach?

I’ve forged the Morning Meltdown 100 path so I can help you better as you do it! This is a straightforward program with a simple, well-balanced and recipe-based meal plan and effective and fun workouts.

Like any healthy lifestyle, it takes some planning and preparation, but it’s 100% doable (even for busy people)! Like any good nutrition program, it’s not overly restrictive and I especially love that you get to continue shopping at your favorite local grocery stores.

Remember, if you’re already doing the 21 Day Fix/Portion Fix or 2B Mindset eating plans and you’re getting the results you want, stick with them and just do the Morning Meltdown 100 workouts!

I have an ongoing accountability group on Facebook that you’ll find helpful and motivating. Click below to join my family!

Request to Join my Fix Family Facebook Group!


Author: Monica

Wife, mother, former elementary school teacher, one-half of a dynamic coaching team and co-founder of the Fit Club Network. I am currently an Independent 14 Star Diamond Coach whose passionate about helping others transform their lives.

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