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Our Motivational Tip of the Day (for EVERY day!)

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Our Most Important Motivational Tip of the Day

Some advice is so important that it bears repeating every day. That’s especially true about today’s motivational tip of the day.

What is our tip? It’s to know your “why!”

Knowing your “why” is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to living your best life.

Your “why” is the thing you fall back on when you feel like you can’t go any farther. It’s the underlying reason for any journey, particularly a health and fitness journey.

Here we are in 2020…it’s a brand new month, a brand new year, and we’re heading into a brand new decade. This is the time people make resolutions.

Unfortunately, most people don’t stick to their resolutions for long and, to be honest, we’re not a fan of them.

That’s because resolutions are often made without an understanding of the “why.” People are interested in change, but they’re not truly committed to it, because they don’t have a firm reason why they want change.

What is Your “Why?”

Let’s talk more about our motivational tip of the day—to know your “why.”

“Why” is the simple—sometimes complicated—reason you do what you’re doing.

  • Why do you really exercise—or want to start exercising?
  • Why do you really eat healthy—or want to start doing better?
  • Why do you really read personal development blogs or books?

There’s no wrong or right answer to the question “What is your why?” I’m just asking you to take some time and think it through. Really think it through so you get to the deepest part of you.

There’s a reason I want you to do that…

Understanding your “why” becomes your basis for motivation.

Your “why” is what keeps you going day after day, even when you don’t feel like continuing on this journey to health. Your “why” is the thing to focus on when you’re struggling that will pull you up and out.

The ones who are honed in on their real why will be sweating away through a tough workout, feel like giving up, but won’t because they know at a deep level the real reason why they’re doing what they’re doing.

Without Your “Why”

When you don’t have a clear and meaningful underlying reason for your behavior, your motivation will very likely falter.

It’s tough staying motivated day after day unless you have a strong reason why you’re doing what you’re doing.

I want you to start by thinking about these questions:

  • What gets me out of bed in the morning?
  • What am I ultimately working toward?
  • What are some of my big goals in life?
  • Why do I have those goals?
  • Am I externally or internally motivated?

Thinking about your answers to these questions will help lead you to your personal “why.”

Many people focus on small “whys”—for instance, to be fit enough to take part in an activity, or to not be embarrassed wearing a bathing suit, on an upcoming trip.

These are good starting points. Many people are highly motivated, at least for a while, on the basis of how they want to perform in a given point in time or how they want to look in a bathing suit or fancy outfit.

Ultimately, though, these kinds of whys tend to fall through, because they’re really more goals than whys.

And, goals are much easier to flake out on!

It’s easy to just decide not to do the activity or wear the bathing suit. And, what happens when you achieve the goal? If you don’t immediately set another one, it’s very likely you’ll fall into old habits and get right back to where you started.

Goal-Setting Is Great, But…

Don’t get me wrong…it’s great to have goals! Here are some helpful tips for goal setting:

  • Make them achievable…not overly grandiose.
  • Write them down.
  • Give them a time limit (“I will lose 10 pounds by the time I leave for my vacation.”
  • Post them where you’ll see them every day.

But, once you reach the goal, how do you maintain your motivation? How do you keep from gaining the weight right back once your trip is over or when you get bored or stressed?

Getting Back to the Motivational Tip of the Day

The answer to the question I just asked is to reconnect with your why—and set your next short-term goal!

With the exception of those who’ve chosen to give up, most of us want to look our best. We want to look and feel good in our clothes and when we do activities, especially group ones.

But, there needs to be something more if we’re going to maintain our good habits over the long term.

Start by looking a little deeper by really pondering those questions I posed above. And, then move onto these…

Do you want to be healthy for life? Do you want to avoid heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and life-threatening strokes? Do you want to spend your time doing enjoyable things or sitting in doctors’ offices because your body is falling apart?

A healthy diet, coupled with exercise, is not only a way to keep your body fit and healthy…it’s a way to buy a quality life! Barring any unforeseen accidents or inescapable genetics, people who exercise and eat healthy live longer, healthier, happier lives.

Do you have children? Do you want to be there for them for the long haul? Do you want to see your grandchildren and be able to get down on the floor and play with them?

If you do, I’m going to venture to say, “Of course you do!”

This…is…where…you…find…your…why. It’s down way deeper than your next vacation or special event and it’s a HUGE motivator.

How Follows “Why”

Many of us get caught up in analysis paralysis—we spend a lot of time researching how to reach our goals instead of actually taking action to reach them.

Don’t overthink the how!

It’s been my solid and consistent experience over the past decade being a Beachbody Coach that once you know your “why,” the “how” almost takes care of itself.

Once you know why you’re interested in living a longer, healthier, life, achieving your goals becomes much easier. Maintaining your goals once you reach them is easier, too.

Know Your “Why!”

So, now you hopefully understand why our motivational tip of the day (for EVERY day!) is to know your “why!

You’re reading this article for a reason.

NOW is the time to put a little energy and thought into the deeper reason for achieving your goals.

And, remember…once you’re clear on your “why,” just let the “how” follow.

Every time you tell yourself you’re too tired for that workout or don’t feel like cooking a healthy meal, think hard about your “why.” It’ll kick start you back on the path to a healthier you.

I’m passionate about helping people find their “why” and setting and reaching achievable goals and teaching people how to have integrity with their health fitness and hold themselves accountable.

Are you struggling with your “why?” Let’s connect and get you clear on your “why!”

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Author: Dave

Father, retired attorney, cyclist (road & track), skier, surfer, recovered triathlete, half of a dynamic coaching team and co-founder of the Fit Club Network. Living my passion as an entrepreneur helping people achieve their fitness and financial goals.

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