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WHY Power vs WILLpower



WHY Power vs WILL Power

There’s willpower and there’s WHY power—and they are NOT the same.

I never understood the power of a WHY until I became a mother. I’d say that once they were born, nothing could get in between us. The term “Mama Bear” is a very real one and children are a huge why.

I also think that a Why like that become physiological, too.

Once I hit the “Empty Nest” stage, a strong desire to really take care of myself began to emerge. I had been slowing down ever so slightly. I wanted to make some changes to my daily movement and nutrition so that I worked smarter, not harder.

So, at the beginning of what would be the year I was turning 50 years old, I started doing just that—working out smarter and focusing on my nutrition.

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Month after month things were falling into place and I was fascinated as to why it felt so seemingly effortless this year. I realized that I could FEEL the improving changes in my aging body on a level that I hadn’t felt in YEARS!

But, I’ll clarify…it wasn’t effortless, it was simply the difference between WILLpower and WHY power.

WILLpower is fleeting. It lasts a short period of time until you don’t have more to give. Then, poof…it’s gone!

There was a test done of two groups doing math problems—one group had to resist eating the cookies provided in the back of the room and do the math, while the other test group only had to do the math.

Can you guess which group did better?

The one that didn’t have to use the brain power to resist the cookies. The scientists found that we only have a bandwidth for so much.

WHY power is different. You identify a compelling reason that drives your actions and you keep going even when your motivation dips because that WHY is in every fiber of your being.

Here’s something to consider—it can be hard to identify that WHY. You actually need time to look at things you value so that you can prioritize what you will work for. So, you persevere.

This process is as critical as the actions you will take once you set a goal.

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Wife, mother, former elementary school teacher, one-half of a dynamic coaching team and co-founder of the Fit Club Network. I am currently an Independent 14 Star Diamond Coach whose passionate about helping others transform their lives.

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