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Rewards You Can’t Eat



Rewards You Can’t Eat

During the process of a significant commitment to change, like weight loss, you want to make sure you are rewarding yourself for the benchmarks you hit along the way.

Rewards give you something to look forward to and you will get more creative along the way.

If weight loss is your goal, of course, you want to make to make sure they are rewards you can’t eat so you don’t undermine yourself!

Plan a list and give it the opportunity to evolve because once your mind starts to go there, the ideas start coming to you.

Here are some of my rewards!

#1 — Have a dance party

I follow the most fun girl on Instagram. She has exploded her following with hip hop music, courage, and lots of humor.

Yesterday, I was watching this reel she made and realized the all of the music she was taking about from 2002 was taking me back, so I made a playlist.

There were so many hip hop hits I had forgotten about—that playlist will serve me for MANY dance parties!

#2 — Take a “First Class is Free”

I know many spin, yoga, barre, stretch and other studios offer this option. When I lived in Arizona, you could check out passes at the local library for FREE!

#3 — Try something NEW that is special

Take the money that you are saving on skipping alcohol or not dining out and apply it to an event that is different, fun, meaningful. Have fun being a tourist in your town!

#4 — Go “not shopping” shopping

Track your weight loss in the dressing room of any or ALL of your favorite stores. Do you hair and make up first, grab your camera phone and start trying on gorgeous clothes that you won’t buy.

#5 — Go to ULTA or SEPHORA & try all the products

Come to the store with a freshly washed face and trying an entire skin care line. (Please know your own sensitivities to ingredients. You are responsible for engaging in safe sampling.)

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#6 — Go to a glamorous special event or club

If your budget permits, get glammed up and attend a gala or go to a club! Usually the cover is very minimal and, once you are in, hit the dance floor!

#7 — Have a pool day

If you know someone who has a pool, arrange an opportunity to float for the day. A lot of hotels allow you to grab day passes to use their pool.

#8 — Go to a concert, show or sporting event

Gift yourself two tickets to experience a concert, show or game. It’s always nice to get out and listen to some live music. Many times a local place won’t charge for music.

#9 — Lead a book club

Meet up with a few friends or a larger group each week to discuss 1-2 chapters of a book. You can do this in person or on Zoom or Facetime.

My bestie and I did this during the pandemic and it was SO FUN to share that special experience with her!

If you plan well, you can check the book out free from the library. (This is another library experience. DO you have your library card?)

#10 — Take a little getaway

If you have the budget, go on a little getaway—a mini road trip, a local camping trip, a hike, a walk through. Check our what is offered around you!

#11 — Volunteer for something meaningful

There is always a way to give back for a day, an event or an ongoing opportunity to donate your time.

My local shelter needed people to play with the kittens and cats. Since I am not allergic, I would love on the cats so they would be socialized and appealing to adopt!

I look forward to hearing your ideas of rewards you can’t eat, too!

XO, Coach Monica

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Author: Monica

Wife, mother, former elementary school teacher, one-half of a dynamic coaching team and co-founder of the Fit Club Network. I am currently an Independent 14 Star Diamond Coach whose passionate about helping others transform their lives.

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