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Workout Essentials & an April Giveaway

Workout Essentials & an April Giveaway | THEFITCLUBNETWORK.COM

Workout Essentials & an April Giveaway

Greetings, Fit Fam! I’m so excited to share my favorite workout essentials AND offer you a giveaway this month. Read to the end to see what I have for you!

Over the weekend, I was reading a lot about cues and rewards playing a huge part of establishing habits. I started to take a look at habits that I have created that contribute to my health.

Daily movement is something that I prioritize and having the space and tools to get an effective workout is very important. I really enjoy creating a space that sets me up for success. I need to ensure that my experience and space have become the reward. It is the reason I will repeat the behavior each day.

My workout essentials are 1) my workout outfit, 2) my personalized shaker cup, 3) my sweat towel, 4) my mat, and 5) my cheering section….AKA my dogs!

You already know that I usually work out from home using my BODi app. The best part about my routine is that aside from having my dogs present, the set up can travel with me.

I thought I would tell you a little bit more about a few of my favorite workout essentials that set the scene during my sweat sesh.

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My Favorite Workout Essentials

A durable mat — My mat is slightly larger than a yoga mat so my dogs can lay and feel like they have rights, too (often sliding under my planks or licking my face!). I just have a basic black mat because basic colors are my jam. However, one of my clients loves the neutral trend and has beige.

Workout outfit — This has become a collection of rewards for hitting particular benchmarks over the years. For example, I bought this college tank at my daughter’s university and then got a blue sports bra and bike shorts to match. It helps me to get dressed when I have “themes” to my outfit.

Personalized shaker cup — This one is pretty simple. It’s the clear cup that came with my Shakeology. One of the girls in our morning sweat squad gifted each of us a sticker to go on the cup. It’s a cup I reuse throughout the day starting with my Energize pre-workout formula.

Sweat towel — A must to wipe away sweat and prevent slipping and sliding. I already used larger Tesalate towels for my beach days because of their quality and design. Now, I get to use them in my sacred space! They are ultra absorbent, and compact, lightweight and dry in half the time of a regular towel. My go to colors are blue and black.

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BODi platform and group — This is where I follow the 21 day blocks that include cardio and strength training. I also post these to our private group. Message me on how to get BODi and join the group. Accountability is EVERYTHING when you’re looking for new habits to stick. It can be the cue or the reward. Either way, the group offers that daily support.

If you need my help finding any of these workout essentials, click below to send me a message.

Oh, and I have some good news! I am giving away some of my favorite sweat towels as a thank you for your support as a reader of this blog. Just leave a comment on this blog with the word “TOWEL” for your chance to win!

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