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P90X One on One Yoga: Patience Hummingbird

P90X One on One Yoga by Tony Horton |

P90X One on One Yoga by Tony Horton |

Patience Hummingbird: The New P90X One on One Yoga DVD

Now here is something to get excited about—a preview of next month’s P90X One on One Yoga DVD entitled Patience Hummingbird.

As you probably know, I’m a huge fan of Tony Horton. Tony is the guy that turned our lives around and brought us into the Beachbody community. For that, I will be eternally grateful to him. Monica and I have been lucky enough to spend some time with him in Maui (2008) and Jackson Hole for his Yoga Retreat (2009).

I have to credit Tony for getting me to take yoga seriously. If you’ve read my multiple posts on yoga, you’ll know that it was Tony that sat me down in Hawaii back in 2008, and basically explained what an idiot I was for not doing Yoga X as part of my P90X workout. He was right, and that conversation caused me to learn more about yoga and how it can increase every aspect of my physical performance in triathlon, cycling, and P90X, and how it could provide me with a sense of calm and clarity that I have previously not enjoyed.

So, here’s the preview of next month’s P90X One on One Yoga DVD. I’m really excited about “Patience Hummingbird.” For whatever reason, the fall seems to be the time of year when I need yoga the most. Maybe it’s because of the punishment doled out by the triathlon season, maybe it’s the end of the summer doldrums, maybe it’s just the natural cycle of my life. Regardless of the reason, this one is sure to make the rotation. Namaste, everyone.

If you’d like some tips on yoga—or any of the P90X Workouts—click on the button to message me and I’ll get back to you shortly. I’m excited to help you set and achieve your goals in any way I can.

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