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P90X Insanity Hybrid Review and Results: Week 2

This post was last updated on Aug 16, 2018 @ 1:15 am
P90X Insanity Hybrid Review and Results: Week 2 |

P90X Insanity Hybrid Review and Results: Week 2 |

P90X Insanity Hybrid Review and Results: Week 2

It’s time for my Week 2 P90X Insanity Hybrid review and results.

On Sunday, I finished my second week of my P90X, Insanity and Tony Horton’s One on One hybrid workout program. I had to juggle the schedule a little bit last week because Tony Horton was in town for his book tour and he slayed us with an Upper Middle Lower workout that forced me to improvise. Insanity Plyo Cardio Circuit was not going to happen the day after that workout, so I modified things and did Shoulders & Arms MC2 from Volume III of the One on Ones. I also did Chest & Back on Friday, rather than Base & Back, because it has warmed up here and I wanted to go for a bike ride on Saturday.

I’m using a spreadsheet to track my daily progress [see link above]. I enter my numbers for each day to gauge my progress on a daily, and then weekly, basis. Here’s the scale I’m using:

5 Brought it! Very strong workout or perfect day of nutrition. 100% solid without any compromises.
4 Followed 80/20 Rule. A good day, but room for improvement.
3 Showed up and gave it some thought, but didn’t give it your all.
2 Incomplete assignment. A weak or unfinished workout. You ate an apple and half a pizza.
1 Complete fail. Missed workout. Ate McDonalds and Ho Ho’s.

So here are my numbers:

Workout Rating Nutrition Rating
Insanity Pure Cardio 4 5
Tony Horton Book Tour Workout 5++ (Thanks Tony!) 5
Shoulders & Arms MC2 4 5
One on One Yoga X MC2 5 4
Chest & Back, ARX 4 5
Cycling (90 mins) 5 4
Bike Trainer (45 mins) 4 4
Totals 31 32

If you look at this schedule and compare it to the one I planned, you’ll see it is pretty different. Did I fail because I didn’t follow it? No, of course not. Things happened that forced me to modify the schedule. I wasn’t going to miss out on the workout with Tony because it wasn’t on my schedule. I’m also not going to hide in the house when I can be outside riding my bike. Being a stronger cyclist is a huge motivation for me doing these workouts in the first place. There is no magic to these workout plans. I have to do what works for me and what is fun.

When I look back at the rating systems, I can see that I had a good week. I ate well and my workouts were generally strong. After doing a lot of yoga in the Fall, I’m finding myself struggling with the strength training sessions. But, my cardio is still really strong. I even managed to get in an extra workout, hitting the bike trainer while watching football on Sunday for 45 minutes.

Until next week…

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