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San Diego International Triathlon

San Diego International Triathlon |


San Diego International Triathlon 2011 Race Report

Sunday was the big day of the year – I competed in the San Diego International Triathlon. Here’s my report.

I have to confess, the lead up was less than impressive and the result showed. I surrendered two minutes off of last year’s time, which was disappointing. I had really wanted to break two hours in this race, and giving up five minutes on the bike was absurd. My goal this year was to improve my running – and, I really did that, so that’s a big positive.

No excuses, but the lead up to the race was almost comical. We relocated to San Diego for the summer months, and our setup is less than ideal for training. I did the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon in early June after hurting myself the week before surfing on my paddle board. The SDIT bike course is all hills and the area around us is all flat. That lead me to ride a lot on the flats [I was just too lazy to go over to San Diego…doh]. The Beachbody Coaches Summit was last week and those workouts really had me hurting. Spend three months going forward in a straight line [swim/bike/run – think about it] and then, three days going laterally (thanks, Shaun T). Ouch.

Here is the video of the race report:


All in all, I can’t complain too much. It’s been a crazy summer. Everything in life is a learning opportunity. This year, I learned that I can become a better runner, but I can’t show up on race day without training for the other disciplines and expect a great result. Live, love, learn. Until next year.

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