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San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon

2011 San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon Race Report |


San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon

Sunday, June 5, 2011, was the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon. What a blast. I really struggled leading into the race. My training was great and I felt like I was ready to break the two hour mark.

On the Monday before the race, I was surfing on my paddle board and caught the rail of the board in my thigh. (Injury report here) That resulted in a rather painful few days. It felt like the worst charlie horse ever. It was also a very strange injury—only minimal bruising, until I went for a three mile run on Wednesday. All the sudden, it was a complete mess.

On Wednesday, I was pretty sure I would have to bail on the race. It was a little better on Thursday, a little better on Friday, and by Sunday it felt pretty good. The injury definitely set me back as far as the race time went. I felt really good until about half way between Mile 10 and 11. At that point, it really tightened up and I had to stop running and walk for a bit. It just wasn’t happening for me. I thought for a minute that I was going to have to stop the race, but slowing down briefly helped and I got back on the road and finished it off.

Here are the splits. Pretty happy with the 10K time, which is just over a nine minute mile. I would have loved to carry that through to the finish. That’s what next year is for!

5 Km—26:57
10 Km—56:24
8.1 mi—01:16:59
10 mi—01:35:11

Here’s the full report of my experience at the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon:


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