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Tony Horton Advice (AKA “Tonyisms”)

Tony Horton Advice (AKA "Tonyisms") |

Tony Horton Advice (AKA "Tonyisms") | TheFitClubNetwork.comTony Horton Advice (AKA "Tonyisms") |

Tony Horton Advice — AKA “Tonyisms”

Tony Horton advice is priceless. Here’s my take on some of what I call Tony’s “Tonyisms.”

Tonyism #1—Forget Your Best and Do the Work

There are going to be days…lots of days…when you just don’t feel like working out. When you hit that point, forget about doing your best and just do the work. Just press play.

Tonyism #2—What’s Your Plan and Purpose?

If you don’t have a purpose, you’ll never make a plan. You must figure out your “Why.” A “Why” is that burning desire…that thing you want to accomplish. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about fitness, family, business, or finance. You’ve got to figure out what’s important to you. If you don’t, then you’ll bail as soon as things get difficult. If you have a clear purpose, you’ll stick it out when the going gets tough. Your purpose is the thing that will keep you going – your plan is your path to achieving it.

Tonyism #3—Ask for What You Need

Don’t ever assume anyone else has your best interests in mind. Ask for what you need and you’ll get what you want.

Tonyism #4—Enjoy the Journey

Stop and smell the roses.

Tonyism #5—The More You Do, The Better You Get

As I headed off to P90X Certification, I wanted to give some thoughts on why I would take the time to go do that and how getting better is of paramount importance to me.

Tonyism #6—Do Scary Things That Don’t Kill You

Get uncomfortable. It’s how you grow.

Tonyism #7—Love the Struggle. It’s Supposed to Be Hard.

That’s the point. Things are going to happen and walls are going to stand between you and your goals. It’s not whether that happens, it’s how you decide to deal with it.

I hope you enjoyed this Tony Horton adviceas much as I did. He makes for one heck of a mentor. Speaking of mentoring…click below and find out how I might be able to use the resources at my disposal to help you.

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