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Join our Insanity Challenge Group!

Join our Insanity Challenge Group! |

Join our Insanity Challenge Group |

Join our Insanity Challenge Group!

If you’re getting ready to do Shaun T’s awesome workout, we want YOU to join our Insanity Challenge Group!

What is a Challenge Group?

A challenge group is a group of individuals who get together—either in person or virtually—and commit to doing a specific fitness program. These groups provide motivation, accountability, inspiration, tips, and a place to bitch and moan to people who get it.

What is the Insane Report?

The Insane Report (@insane_report) is a Twitter account I started. Initially, it was a simple plan to post and retweet results of people doing Insanity and links to the Insanity resources on our website. What it has become blows my mind! Today, it’s a community of more than 12,000 people. If you’re doing Insanity or Insanity the Asylum, you MUST join The Insane Report, post your results regularly, and soak up the support.

Join the Insane Ward

With the huge success of The Insane Reporton Twitter, we wanted to take it to the next level. More than just 140 characters. So, we started The Insane Ward, which is a private Facebook group. Here you will find even more motivation, accountability, support and tips from others who have committed themselves to one of the Insanity workouts. Do yourself a favor and come join us!

Join our Insanity Challenge Group! |

Insanity Challenge Group Testimonials

I love this group! I’ve found this group so inspiring with many positive & encouraging people supporting and sharing there knowledge during my ‘Beachbody’ challenges. It’s kept me pressing play everyday during my set challenges. It’s like we’ve become a little ‘insane family’ and even took it upon ourselves to start doing challenges together and help with each other’s nutrition. Posting daily and getting and giving the encouragement and praise for our hard work is so rewarding as I know Were not going at it alone. We have two excellent coaches at hand which has been a god send to me helping me get started and on track with my nutrition side as well as answering any queries. I’ve gone from doing insanity to completing a few challenges and now ready to start the next with recommendations from others. | Elizabeth D.

Inspiration, encouragement, support and accountability. Despite being scattered all over the place it’s provided a place we can share and discuss how we are doing and pick up those that need encouragement. Been in the group for over 1.5 years and has kept me going. Dave and Monica have done a great job bringing advice to everyone from mentality, nutrition and safe training. Awesome. | Matt A.

I can write a lot about this group meant for me: a lot of knowledge about nutrition, tips&tricks, feeling that I’m connected to another, support in my depressions, positive conversations about workouts, thinking al lot better about myself and a load of motivation. Not only from others to me, but it’s great to be a motivation for others! | Edwin T.

Just to know there other people doing the same workout and when your having a bad day and don’t want to do it you get help and also u get to find out that every1 is the same and not everyone can do the whole 30/60/90 days
Brilliant for motivation. | Philip T.

It’s all about teamwork. Even though we’re a virtual team, you feel accountable to your team-mates. I’d love to have real classes to go to so we could all work out together in person, but right now that’s not an option over here, so this is the next best thing. Daily check ins keep you on track, push you past the ‘i just don’t feel like it today’ mood and give you some healthy competition. When I see people post about their achievements it gives me the motivation to | Hannah B.

One big family. Feels like we have known each other for years. There is always someone on hand to give you sound advice if you are struggling with a workout or are lacking motivation. Everybody is well supportive and praising each other when they reach their goal. Like to thank you all for your kind words over the last year. The biggest shoutout goes out to our coaches Dave & Monica Koon for setting this group up and providing us the knowledge and inspiration to keep going. | Sony K.

Living in a small village, it’s nice to know even though i am on my own – i belong to a virtual gym with like minded people who share our joys and frustrations etc: Picking up ideas on various workouts and nutrition. | Karen R.

Free Insanity Fitness Coaching

Monica and I have both done Insanityseveral times and know the program inside out. We are also P90X Certified Coaches, which gives us a solid base of knowledge to help you succeed. We have spent countless hours creating a bunch of Insanity resources, the most popular of which is the Insanity Elite Nutrition Guide. Great things happen in our Insanity Challenge Group, but you’ll get even more support with our FREE one-on-one coaching. We highly encourage you to take advantage of this FREE Click below to learn more.

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Father, retired attorney, cyclist (road & track), skier, surfer, recovered triathlete, half of a dynamic coaching team and co-founder of the Fit Club Network. Living my passion as an entrepreneur helping people achieve their fitness and financial goals.

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