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Understanding the 21 Day Fix Portion Containers

Understanding the 21 Day Fix Portion Containers |

21 Day Fix Portion Containers | TheFitClubNetwork.comUnderstanding the 21 Day Fix Portion Containers

Once upon a time, I used to count calories. I would write down each one on my calorie deficit worksheet, along with every calorie I burned, to ensure that I ended every day with more going out than coming in. (You know this is the secret to losing weight, right?) Then, once upon a time, I stopped. This happened on the magical day that my fitness fairy, Autumn Calabrese rocked the Beachbody world with the 21 Day Fix program, the most important part of which are the 21 Day Fix portion containers.

Dave and I have talked about it before—you can’t out exercise a bad diet. That means if weight loss is your primary goal, you must get dialed in on nutrition. What I absolutely LOVE about the Fix program is that it takes the guesswork out of my nutrition while providing the structure I need to be consistent. And, the 21 Day Fix portion containers mean no more counting calories…woo hoo!

Here’s a little run down of the 21 Day Fix portion containers:

What Foods Go Into the 21 Day Fix Portion Containers?

There are six different colors of 21 Day Fix portion containers and each color corresponds to a different food type. The Fix nutrition olan comes with an approved food list that is…wait for it…color coded! If you can fit the approved food in the container, you can eat it.

Here’s a breakdown of the containers:

  • GREEN = Vegetable. Cooked or raw, sliced or diced. Examples from the list are lettuces, squash, kale, onions, peppers, and mushrooms.
  • PURPLE = Fruit. Obviously, you have to cut the big fruit to fit.
  • RED = Protein. Examples include chicken breast, eggs, yogurt, and tofu.
  • YELLOW = Simple Carbs (and Starches). Examples are rice, yams/sweet potatoes, beans, and whole-grain pasta. The nutrition guide gives you portions for things like tortillas and bread.
  • BLUE = Healthy Fats. Not all fat is bad! Examples of healthy fats include avocado, cheese, nuts, and hummus.
  • ORANGE = Seeds & Dressings. This is the smallest container because it’s for the highest calorie foods like seeds, coconut, olives, and 21 Day Fix-approved dressings.
  • TEASPOON = Oils, nut butters, etc. Make sure you read labels on the nut butters and choose the ones without added sugar!

How To Use The 21 Day Fix Portion Containers

The number of 21 Day Fix portion containers you’re allowed to have each day depends upon how many total calories you want to consume in a day. The nutrition guide has a chart that will help you figure this out. The concept behind this is creating a calorie deficit. The ratio of nutrients that Autumn allots to us is about 40% carbohydrates, 30%protein, and 30% fat.

TIP—You can mix and match foods of the same category to fill a single container! For example, you can fill your fruit container with banana AND grapes…as long as it stays completely within the Purple container.

You do not have to eat out of the containers. Think of them like measuring cups. In fact, I encourage getting fancy with the presentation of your meals. There’s something about eating a meal on a pretty China plate that just makes it taste better. I often put sparkling water into a wine glass to make it feel like I’m sipping on wine. There’s a lot of power in psychology lol.

Why the 21 Day Fix Portion Container System Works

For me, the best part of the 21 Day Fix program is the simplicity and structure. This is a winning combination for me. The other thing I, and most of my customers, experience is satiation. This program is NOT about starvation!

My coaching philosophy is based on SIMPLICITY. I’ve seen too many people, including myself, burn out by overcomplicating things, so I focus on keeping it simple.

I created a POWERFUL resource to teach people how to keep healthy eating simple. It works PERFECTLY with the 21 Day Fix, so I highly encourage you to check it out—Buffet Style Meal Prep School

Here are some more 21 Day Fix resources for you:

Remember, you can always contact me for help, ideas, motivation—whatever you need, just click.

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