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Focused Energy: A Healthy Coffee Alternative

A Healthy Coffee Alternative |

A Healthy Coffee Alternative |

A Healthy Coffee Alternative: Shakeology Boost’s Focused Energy

I have a confession to make—I love coffee. It’s partly about the taste, but mostly about the boost. Each time I used to commit to being coffee free—like when I did the Ultimate Reset Cleanse—I would go through the angst of losing my caffeinated crutch. Once I was through the worst of it, I genuinely felt better boosting my energy with good nutrition and exercise. BUT, there are still times when I need a little concentrated pick me up. So, I was pretty stoked when I discovered that Focused Energy Boost, which is one of three new supplements in Beachbody’s Shakeology Boost line, is a very worthy healthy coffee alternative.

I’ve been a huge fan of Beachbody’s supplements for years. Well, they’ve done it again.

The nutritionists at Beachbody have figured out a way to give us a healthy way to get the energy boost we all occasionally need. I’m the kind of guy who researches everything before I jump in. I absolutely appreciate that Beachbody has done the legwork for me as a result of their dedicated commitment to the science behind nutrition.

A quick little side note. There are some people who just don’t believe we need to take nutritional supplements. Here’s why we do—Why We Need to Take Nutritional Supplements

Focused Energy Ingredients

One of the reasons that Focused Energy is a healthy alternative to coffee is because it gets its caffeine from green tea instead of coffee. As you probably know, green tea is highly touted and recommended because of its antioxidant properties. It also contains guarana, ginseng, rhodiola, and lion’s mane—all excellent natural sources of energy.

How to Use Focused Energy

When I need a little extra kick, I add some Focused Energy to my Shakeology, but you can add it to any liquid to get the benefits of a wholesome boost of energy. Unlike after a cup of coffee, I’m discovering that my mind has more clarity with Focused Energy. I also don’t get the let-down, the jitters, or the upset digestion that can come along with coffee—proving the point that it is, indeed, healthier.

Most days, I’m surfing, riding my bike, working out, running the kids around, coaching my clients, and leading my team. Sure, on the days I choose to use Focused Energy instead of coffee, I might miss the aroma wafting through my house. But, overall, it just fits my lifestyle better. I’m all about creating more energy and optimizing my health so I can tackle my To Do list with healthy gusto.

I still love you, coffee—but, I can’t ignore this healthy coffee alternative. I’ll be cheating on coffee with Focused Energy Boost quite often from now on.

Buy Focused Energy

Focused Energy comes in a 20 serving container and costs $49.95. Remember, that in life you get what you pay for. Wholesome quality ingredients are not cheap. McDonald’s is. Enough said.

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