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Coach Monica’s 21 Day Fix Daily Meal Planner

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Coach Monica's 21 Day Fix Daily Meal Planner | TheFitClubNetwork.comCoach Monica’s 21 Day Fix Daily Meal Planner

Every so often, I get little sad. Why? Because I’ll see a comment like this on my Facebook feed—“I found the (21 Day Fix) confusing. Didn’t know what to buy to even get started” or “Love the workouts, but the food part…you have to be a genius to figure the food part out” or “Takes way too much time and seems unrealistic to follow unless you are single and don’t have children.” I just want to reach in, gather these ladies up, and plop them in my 21 Day Fix Family accountability group, onto our blog, or into my kitchen! But, alas, I can’t—so I’ll just keep providing 21 Day Fix tips and tools, like this 21 Day Fix Daily Meal Planner, to the people I coach so at least they can see that the 21 Day Fix does NOT have to be complicated.

21 Day Fix Tools

With anything we do, it’s all about having the right tools for the job.

We can exhaust ourselves mopping our floors with a rag on our hands and knees OR we can push around an upright floor steamer.

We can spend hours and hours trimming the lawn with a pair of hand clippers OR we can hop up on the seat of a riding mower.

Same task, totally different tools. Depending on which person you talked to, you’d hear a drastically different take on the difficulty of each task. It’s the exact same with the 21 Day Fix.

The good news is you don’t need very many tools to rock the 21 Day Fix. If you want to succeed, I highly recommend the following:

  • Complete 21 Day Fix program. Each piece of the 21 Day Fix program is important—the workout DVDs, the nutrition plan and the food containers. If you’re missing one part, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage from the start.
  • A knowledgable and experienced coach. I hope you know this is 100% FREE when you purchase your program through Beachbody. Click HERE to get me assigned as your coach and let’s get to work!
  • Autumn’s Fixate cookbook. When you’re stumped or bored, flip through this book and I assure you that inspiration will come. You will definitely learn new ways and new tastes.
  • A support group. Whether it’s a “workout wife” (or two or three) or a larger group, outside support is an invaluable tool. If I’m your coach, I’ll add you to my private 21 Day Fix Facebook accountability group where you will get a daily dose of motivation, inspiration, tips, ideas, accountability, high fives, support, and more.
  • A food prep plan. Food planning and prep are the antidote to overwhelm, confusion, and cheating due to fatigue, busy schedules, travel, etc. (Keep reading for a HUGE food prep tip!)
  • My 21 Day Fix Daily Meal Planner. I’m a super visual person, so I write down pretty much everything. I created the meal planner because I know there are more people like me—and, even you amazing people who can keep it all together in your head will totally appreciate this tool!
  • A set of colored pens. (You’ll see why these are a must in a minute.)

Buffet Style Food Prep

Most weeks I do what I call “buffet food prep.” I prepare bunch of individual foods that I treat like a buffet later when I am putting together my meals. This makes it SO simple to make a variety of tasty meals.

Some of my favorite individual buffet items are:

Not only can you prep these foods for the current week, but you can double up and freeze them for the following week! Whatever it takes to simplify our lives, right?

Once you have the base foods prepped, you’re going to create a variety of gourmet dishes using homemade salad dressings and your freebies. For freebies, think fresh and dry herbs, vinegars, mustard, seasonings (except salt), garlic and ginger (also pre-prepped), hot sauce, flavor extracts, and lemon and lime juice. Autumn has some yummy seasoning mixes and salad dressings in her Fixate cookbook! You can also find some more salad dressing recipes on our Homemade Salad Dressings Pinterest board.

Tacos, bowls, burritos, and wraps…oh my! Greek, Mexican, Thai, Italian…heck yeah! Mix and match to your heart’s desire. Your creativity, and Autumn’s rules, are your only limit.

When you plan and prep, you take what might seem like an overwhelming nutrition plan at first and make it easier AND healthier. Like I said, I’m all about simple.

I am so passionate about buffet style food prep that I created a little “school” on this efficient and simple method of preparing your meals for the week—Buffet Style Meal Prep School

My 21 Day Fix Daily Meal Planner

It’s the simple things that can make such a massive difference in our lives. Here’s a simple life changer and powerful 21 Day Fix tool—my 21 Day Fix Daily Meal Planner.

Break out those colored pens I mentioned, plan a week’s worth of meals, and write them down on this printable meal planner sheet. Refine them over time as you get your Fix legs firmly rooted under you.

Be sure and save them all…eventually you’ll have enough to mix and match and plan future weeks with little effort.

Note that this daily meal planner can be used for any of the 21 Day Fix calorie levels…just write in the number of containers you’re allowed at your level inside the colored boxes.

Click here to download and save a printable PDF of my 21 Day Fix Daily Meal Planner:

Download Coach Monica's 21 Day Fix Daily Meal Planner


Free One Week 21 Day Fix Meal Plan

Here's another big freebie for you! I've created a week's worth of 21 Day Fix compliant meals and I'm sharing them with YOU. You just have to take a few steps to get here to get started:

Get Coach Monica's 21 Day Fix Week Meal Plan




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