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Healthy Summer Treats Recipes

10 Healthy Summer Treats Recipes |

10 Healthy Summer Treats Recipes |
Healthy Summer Treats Recipes

Summer ties with Christmas as my favorite time of the year. Both of these times challenge us in terms of nutrition. But, it’s easier than you think to stay away from all the unhealthy goodies that come with these times of the year. It’s all about swapping ingredients and finding yummy things to enjoy instead! In this post, I’ll be sharing a bunch of healthy summer treats to help you stay on track!

Summer is not only a season of ice cream—it’s also the season when some of the most delicious fruits and vegetables are rolling into the market, so healthy choices are not only abundant but also cost effective!

The BEST snacks for summer are the simple ones (if you know me at all, you know I’m ALL about simple)—like watermelon, strawberry, blueberries, peaches, and nectarines. But, sometimes you just want something more…like for a summer BBQ or family picnic.

10 Healthy Summer Treats Recipes

So why should you bother to make the effort to eat healthy summer treats? Because, no matter what the season, nutrition is KEY to reaching  your weight loss goal and being healthy!

The 10 healthy summer treats recipes below are perfect for those times you’re craving a sweet summer treat to cool you down without too much cheating. Just fresh summer fruits with a few added ingredients, including Shakeology. Best of all, they are all SIMPLE to make!

#1—Healthy Green Tea Ice Cream Recipe

Tea and ice cream? YES! Matcha is made from the ground up leaves of green tea and delivers all the health benefits of green tea. Combine it with the deliciousness of regular or vegan vanilla Shakeology and it’s AWESOME.

Shakeology Green Tea Ice Cream

#2—Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Bites Recipe

Topped with berries, this is a creamy snack that is yummy and low in calories. It’s SO much more than just frozen yogurt! Greek yogurt, with all its beneficial bacteria, is also an excellent source of protein, calcium, and phosphorus making this a nutrient-dense treat.

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Bites

#3—Fresh Fruit Pizza Recipe

Okay, calling this “pizza” is a push, but it IS a healthy and delicious snack that the entire family will love. You can make it extra special by topping it with some plain Greek yogurt, mint, and a touch of honey!

#4—Vanilla Berry Coconut Popsicles Recipe

These popsicles are totally guilt free with only 80 calories each. They only have six ingredients, all of which you’re likely to have on hand, and they’re super easy to make. You will LOVE the combination of coconut, creamy Greek yogurt, and Shakeology!

Vanilla Berry Coconut Popsicles

#5—Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Popsicles Recipe

This is a guilt-free match-made-in-heaven with only three ingredients. Takes you right back to those days when you could enjoy a popsicle without feeling like you’re doing something wrong.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Popsicles

#6—Vegan Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Fruit Dip Recipe

This vegan chocolate dip feels like an indulgence, but it’s actually a healthy and filling midday snack that, along with the fruit of your choice, will satisfy that afternoon craving for sweets.

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Fruit Dip

#7—Banana Sushi

Okay, again a push in the name department. But, this banana sushi is an irresistible treat that is is quick, easy, and fun for all ages.

#8—Watermelon Popsicles

Fresh, healthy and 100% fruit, Watermelon Popsicles naturally balance your electrolytes, while satisfying your summer craving for something sweet and cold.

 #9—Triple Berry Yogurt Bark Recipe

Have you ever made chocolate bark? If so, you know how easy it is to make and how delicious it is. This version is quite a bit healthier and much lower in sugar. You can even have it for breakfast!

#10—Lavender Lemonade Recipe

There is nothing better than a cold glass of homemade lemonade on a beautiful summer day. This Lavender Lemonade is so simple, sugar free, and even has healing effects on your body. Lemon amplifies your body’s ability to detox and the shot of lavender boosts your immune system so you can stay fit and energized during the hottest months of the year.

Bonus Treat—Beachbody’s new protein bars taste like a cheat treat and are great for on the go. I have yet to meet a kid who doesn’t like them either! You can learn more about them here—The BEST Protein Bar Ever!

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