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Beachbody’s New Three Week Fitness Challenge

Beachbody's New Three Week Fitness Challenge |

Beachbody's New Three Week Fitness Challenge |

Our New Three Week Fitness Challenge

Some of you may know that I was one of a select group of coaches to take part in the new Shift Shop three-week pre-release test group. This is Beachbody’s latest three week fitness challenge that is designed to totally rebuild your body FAST.

The test group coaches got access to this program two months before it launched in July 2017, in order to fully understand how it worked and how to get the best results. I was so honored and totally excited to be invited to this exclusive opportunity along with 300 other top coaches—out of almost half a million coaches in Beachbody!

It has been a HUGE dream of mine to be a test group member. I was determined to have a PERFECT round and share the journey with you. And, then…life happened.

My mom asked me to accompany her on an African Safari—not just for company, but also because she needed a little extra help due to a lingering physical issue and wasn’t able to reschedule. Ummm, hello! Of course, the safari was scheduled for the EXACT same time as the test group dates. I went from being so excited to crushed with a whole lot of why me’s going through my mind.

And, then I realized this was just another one of life’s tests and I was ready to take on the challenge.

I decided to go with my mom and bring along a positive and mindful attitude AND give Shift Shop 100% while I was there. Woo hoo! The internet had other ideas.

Although I was able to stick with the nutrition for most of the trip, I couldn’t stream the workouts! Ah, such is life. I decided to have a positive attitude and soak up Africa. I don’t regret it a bit—I have lifetime memories with my mom that I will treasure forever and I am back home with time on my hands.

I got enough of a taste of this three week fitness challenge to know I definitely WILL be doing a fully dedicated round soon—hopefully with YOU!

Three Week Fitness Challenge Test Group Results

What can you expect after following this three week fitness challenge to a T? RESULTS. I promise you! You’ll lose weight, you’ll move faster, and your body will be stronger. And, most importantly, your mindset will shift to a MUCH healthier place. If you set your mind to it, you’ll be able to build on these accomplishments for the rest of your life!

The results from the three week fitness challenge test group were AMAZING. A bunch of people nailed it and TOTALLY reinvented themselves. Seriously. look at what Jessica accomplished in JUST THREE WEEKS:

Beachbody's New Three Week Fitness Challenge |

It is TRULY mind blowing that what you can do for yourself when you FULLY commit to an effective three week fitness challenge. Check out more transformations HERE.

Shift Shop Program Video

The Beachbody Shift Shop program was created by super trainer and former athlete,  Chris Downing, for all ages and fitness levels. I’m SO glad Beachbody gets that we are all short on time so they work with trainers and doctors to create three week fitness challenge programs that get big results in as little time as possible. Three weeks is DOABLE!

Okay, Chris will kick your butt as he gets your body burning fat and building lean muscle. Here’s a video about the program:

Is This Three Week Fitness Challenge For Me?

Although the Shift Shop three week fitness challenge is challenging, anyone can do it. Seriously. It was designed for people of ALL fitness levels and ages—whether you have a lot of weight to lose, or you haven’t been working out regularly, Shift Shop will kickstart your fitness and rebuild you in just three weeks.

This three week fitness challenge integrates a lot of moves from football and soccer drills, which totally help your agility, coordination, speed, strength, and power. Chris Downing’s approach is genius and easily adaptable to various fitness levels because of his use of the ramp-up method and a modifier who will show you how to adjust the difficulty and intensity based on your needs.

About the Shift Shop Three Week Fitness Challenge

The Shift Shop three week “ramp up” fitness challenge is NOT your average home workout program and it IS based on real world experience Chris has gained through training every level of fitness from beginners to world-famous pro athletes. He firmly believes that getting in shape is possible regardless of weight, size, or age.

The combination of strength and cardio workouts is made to challenge your coordination, push your endurance, and much more. Chris will elevate your fitness level higher than it’s ever been while making it simple AND fun. He gradually increases the intensity and strength-training each week while helping you dial into your nutrition. For Chris, it’s not only about transforming your body, but also helping you gain a new mindset. He is all about providing you with the support to motivate you on every step you take to challenge yourself and reach your full potential.

The Shift Shop three week fitness challenge is designed to do the following:

  • Work for ANY fitness level (because it’s easily modifiable)
  • increase your fitness level
  • help you lose weight
  • increase your confidence
  • change your mindset

The program has:

  • a three week term
  • 25-45 minute workouts
  • a complete nutrition guide (compatible with the Portion Fix containers)
  • (4) agility markers
  • a perfect combo of cardio and strength training
  • free online support
  • money back guarantee

Here’s how each week goes:

  • Week 1—Chris starts out slow with short 25-minute cardio and strength workouts. The Nutrition Plan gives you a healthy balance of carbs, protein, and fats and it’s definitely a plan you can stick with.
  • Week 2—This week, the workouts push you harder and longer (to 35 minutes) and your body starts to adapt. The Nutrition Plan has you start eating more protein to fuel the fat burn. Don’t be skerred…you’ll totally be able to handle it! Remember, there’s a modifier for every single move, so you can always get through and get a great workout.
  • Week 3—In the last week, you’ll “shift” to seven days of high intensity 45 minutes workouts and eat clean.

Three Week Clean Eating Nutrition Plan

The Simple Shift Nutrition Guide is a three week clean eating plan that is compatible Beachbody’s Portion Fix container system. This makes it REALLY easy for my 21 Day Fix Family and I to follow since there is no re-learning how to meal prep!

The eating plan uses your current weight to assigned you to a category that dictates how many servings of each container/food category (i.e., carbs, vegetables, protein, etc.) you can eat every day. As usual, Shakeology is included in the plan! Woo hoo!

The Secret Weapon

Chris has a secret weapon for this program—four color coded agility markers!!! These are used as targets in your cardio workouts and really help improve your reflexes, coordination, speed, and endurance. And, they make it fun!

Is Shift Shop on Beachbody On Demand?

Yes! Shift Shop is available on Beachbody on Demand and is included with the annual subscription. In fact, this is the only way we recommend purchasing this program anymore unless you’re totally offline.

When you get it through On Demand, not only do you get access to the Shift Shop program, but you also get three additional Shift Shop deluxe workouts and hundreds of other proven and exclusive Beachbody programs. (One of the exclusive perks is access to the FIXATE Cooking Show, which is a HUGE help for your meal prep routine!)

You can get the details on Beachbody on Demand here:

Learn More About Beachbody on Demand


Are You Ready to Reinvent Yourself?

Are you READY to become a stronger and healthier YOU? The Shift Shop three week fitness challenge WILL help you! And, so will I. Click below to sign up for my FREE coaching program, which is included in the price of the program and makes you eligible for membership in my private Facebook accountability group:

Get FREE Fitness & Nutrition Coaching!



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