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Two Healthy Ways to Increase Alkalinity

How to Increase Alkalinity |

How to Increase Alkalinity |


How to Increase Alkalinity

Did you know that acidity has been linked to cancer? This is just one reason you should take some time to understand the importance of alkalinity in your body—specifically, the importance of maintaining a slightly alkaline state at all times. In this post, I’ll give you this info PLUS two easy ways to increase alkalinity.

Why is an Acidic Diet Bad?

If you’re wondering what alkalinity actually means, alkalinity is the prime operating system of the body and is measured in pH (i.e. potential hydrogen).

The human body has to maintain its pH between 7.35 and 7.45. Anything below 7.00 is considered acidic.

Many of us today are dependent on guilty pleasures like coffee, soda, and alcohol. Unfortunately, these are all highly acidic and compromise the immune system, the digestive system, hydration levels, and the overall operating system of the body.

When our body’s acidity levels increase, it’s vulnerable to all kinds of diseases, bacteria, viruses and inflammation.

Here’s an important post I wrote a while back, which explains why having a highly acidic diet can cause all sorts of problems for your body. It focuses on diet soda, which is as acidic as battery acid. Check it out—How Diet Soda Makes You Fat

What is pH and Why Is It Important?

Now, if you’d really like to get knowledgable about pH and alkalinity, here’s an informative video. It’s a bit dry, but super helpful.

Two Ways to Increase Alkalinity

1. Power Greens Supplement

I don’t eat a particularly acidic diet, but I understand the importance of maintaining an alkaline state so I take use the Power Greens supplement several days a week.

I usually add it to my Shakeology, but sometimes I just drink it straight. It tastes like a Wheatgrass shot. People sometimes think this is odd, but I’ve learned to condition my body to enjoy things that I know are good for me.

It is very important to know how certain supplements function before you actually start using them. So, let’s talk a bit about exactly what the Power Greens Boost is and how it supports the body.

Power Greens Boost is an organic mixture of wheatgrass, barely grass, oat grass, and kamut grass juice powders. Basically, it balances the body’s pH level, so that the digestive system, the immune system, and virtually all systems of the body work optimally. The live greens in this supplement aid the body in finding its optimal pH between 7. 35 and 7.45.

It’s SUPER easy to use. No matter where you are at—at home, at work, or on the go—all you have to do add a packet or scoop to an 8 or 12 ounce glass of water. After you gave it a good stir, simply drink it and let it do its magic. Or, if you’re a Shakeology person like me or a smoothie lover, add it to that.

This super green will immensely improve your health and will have you feeling amazing. Click below to order it:




2. Ultimate Reset Cleanse

If you REALLY want to give your body an alkalinity reboot, I highly recommend doing the Ultimate Reset Cleanse. This alkalinizing cleanse will completely change your alkalinity AND your life.

Click below to head over to our Ultimate Reset page that's packed with information. You can always shoot me a message—I've done it many times and I can help you through the program.

Learn More About the ULTIMATE RESET


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